How Much Do You Know About Interactive Voice Response System?

Posted by - Nikhil Sharma, March 15,2021

Interactive voice response system is a good technique used to attract the customer or to create a good image of your company in front of your customer. As we all know In today’s business world every company wants a good presentation of their business in front of the customers. Their first task or motive is to serve their customer in a better way. That can be possible with the help or continuous practice of the sales and technical support departments as product support, telemarketing or market research

It is important for the good business to handle their customer in the larger number at the same time because in the large businesses a number of people can call at the same time. Due to this reason having a good call management option (call queuing, call forwarding, call holding, etc.) has become a necessity now.

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To resolve this issue many companies have introduced the IVRs (interactive voice response system) possible with their business.

What Is IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)?

When a customer calls your company and the call is answered not by any person but with a recorded voice message which welcomes or thanks the customer using your brand name.

Whenever you called any telecoms company and the attendant says thank you for calling airtel, idea etc. that recorded voice message and the system is known as IVR. Interactive voice response can be understood as e-receptionists of the company which guides you to the exact person or the query you have about the company.

  • Interactive voice response system is a telephonic menu system
  • Interactive voice response system helps to greet the customer in a better way
  • Interactive voice response system leads the customer to a correct department
  • Interactive voice response system increases professionalism in your business
  • Interactive voice response system reduces operational cost
  • Interactive voice response system helps you to increase customer service efficiency
  • Interactive voice response is mostly used by telecom companies, airlines, hotel industries etc.

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