In what way NLET’s Bulk SMS Services Can Generate Leads for Realtors and Real Estate Developers?

Posted by - Nikhil Sharma, March 16,2021

From the beginning of Real Estate Industry, its development always fully relies on marketing and sales. To run a small real estate company efficiently, the owner needs a well-defined plan for marketing and sales.

As time drives by, the traditional route of advertising becomes much costly and less targeted for real estate developers and realtors. In this age of digitalization, Digital Marketing arises as a giant savior for small real estate developers and realtors.

Since most of the people have mobile phones today, it becomes cooler to pitch clients through via bulk SMS service because it has a very high open rate as linked to other Digital Marketing techniques. Marketing managers are putting all their marketing budget in digital marketing.

One of the rarely used Digital Marketing Technique is Bulk SMS. Through Bulk SMS Marketing, you can showcase your flats, plots, independent villas, commercial buildings or showrooms and residential spaces with a few strokes of laptop’s button. The most widely used Bulk SMS service in India is NLET’s Bulk SMS services.


Main Features of NLET’s Bulk SMS Services:

  • You can attract customers with NLET’s bulk SMS services by sending them images of the property with its location and even its layout because NLET allows you to insert SMS attachments and web URLs.
  • Using our API integration feature, you can send personalized reminders automatically on everything from the rent to maintenance dues, lease agreement, and payment receipts.
  • You can reach out to anyone in any part of India by sending them SMS in their regional language using our incredibly easy transliteration tool.
  • We will instantly provide customers with the information they seek via an SMS. With our 24X7 professional support, respond them with pricing information, construction photos, site plan or other information they wish to seek.
  • We will enhance your credibility in the market by gathering feedback from your customers via an SMS with attached survey forms and data collection forms.
  • We will empower your field agents by letting them conduct marketing campaigns or send alerts on the move using NLET’s bulk SMS services.

So, these are some of the features of NLET’s bulk SMS services for Indian users. If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail through NLET’s contact form. Our representative will contact you as soon as possible.


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