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Posted by - Nikhil Sharma, March 15,2021

Fast communication is the need of the hour. The speed of communication can either make your business or interruption it. For companies or brands, it is awfully important to stay connected with the customers. Obtaining new customers is important but to accelerate gainful growth one has to retain the existing customers.


Companies are therefore working relentlessly, putting in efforts in order to build a smooth communication with their customers. They are trying different techniques and approaches in this regard. Among the different marketing strategies that one uses for an effective communication, Bulk SMS Service stand out amidst all other approaches.

SMS messaging, as we all are aware, is fast becoming every marketer’s choice for keeping in touch with your clients. If you aren’t well-versed in Bulk SMS Service, this article will shed some light. Let’s begin:


What Is Bulk SMS Service?

  • An effective marketing technique in which a large number of Short Message Service (SMS) are disseminated to the target audience.
  • Bulk messages include promotional messages, reminders from companies, alerts from banks, etc.
  • Bulk SMS Service builds the communication bridge between companies and customers.

Why Bulk SMS Service Effective?

Benefits of Bulk SMS

  • India being the second largest populated country has a prospective market for cellular phones.
  • Messaging is an easy and quick way of keeping in touch with the audience.
  • It is a powerful medium of communication.
  • Bulk SMS Service is open to mass messages, thus targeting a larger section of the audience.
  • Thousands of people can be intimidated about an event with a single message.
  • Bulk SMS reach clients directly with much greater efficiency than television or print advertising.
  • You may ignore marketing calls but messages are usually referred to later.

Top Five Bulk SMS Companies In India

Protruding Industries Using Bulk SMS Service As Promotion Tool:-


  • Alerts reminding patients of their upcoming check-ups and appointments
  • SMS receive/reply service to help patients book a slot or cancel a scheduled appointment.
  • SMS alerts from hospital or clinic for improving communications.
  • Bulk messaging is useful for disease awareness alert and other useful events.
  • Health tips and diet plan can be efficiently delivered via messages.


  • Helps build relationships with students, parents, and members of staff.
  • Alerts of weather warnings can be sent at a go.
  • Notifications on holidays or vacations, if any.
  • Intimation of Parent-teacher meetings.
  • Exam reminders become simplified.
  • Messages about upcoming workshops or courses.
  • Staff and alumni connect.


  • Online Bookings Confirmation/Details.
  • Remind customers regarding arrival time and location.
  • Service Feedback/Suggestions.
  • Special Festive Offers and Promos.
  • Communication with Internal Staffs.


  • Text alerts for transactions
  • Auto-responders
  • SMS confirmations of transactions
  • Convenient SMS banking
  • Extend customer support

Difference Between Promotional SMS And Transactional SMS

And this is not it! Almost every industry, every sector uses this service to stay connected to its customers. If you don’t want to be left behind in the league, then hire NLET- The Best Bulk SMS Service In India

How Does Bulk SMS Service Work?

Bulk SMS Service In India

  • Bulk Messaging Service requires you to be well-versed with your audience: To pitch a product information, send alerts, reminders or offers, firstly, it is a mandate to know to whom the information has to be sent out. For this, you require to get contact details of potential clients and know your customer closely. Personal information like their likes, dislikes, priorities should be kept in mind before sending out the message.
  • Post this step, one needs to make sure the content is double-checked because your message will be directly sent out on a person’s phone.
  • Once the message is sent out from your end, the next step is to see that the SMS is delivered. Though this step can be quite troublesome at times but is of immensely useful.
  • Later, tracking potential customer’s profiles should be done in order to plan the next step for the growth of your business. This has to be done on a continual basis. Keep reminding about your services and latest offers to your clients to build a positive brand image. Also, do not overload your customer with continuous messages. It can often lead to irritate clients and build a negative impression.
  • Hence, the fact that Bulk SMS Service is the best way to gain popularity and approach customers directly remains undisputed.

Why Choose NLET- Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In India?

NLET, the best Bulk SMS service in India renders the facility of Bulk Messaging Marketing for its clients with high open rates. It is believed that SMS have higher open rates than email. So, higher the open rates, higher are the chances of your brand leaving an impression on the customer. Next, Bulk SMS Service is cost-effective. And lastly, your business Return On Investment (ROI) is bound to improve. Be assured because being one of the best Bulk SMS service providers in India we combine the right philosophies with correct marketing techniques and build fruitful relationships between you and your customers. You can find NLET- the best bulk SMS service in India to promote your business online.

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