Author: Mayank Jain


How to improve your e-commerce sales in 2019?

Whether you are a fresh company or have been in business for several years, your company will profit from more eCommerce sales. Unfortunately, companies are undergoing and declining plateaus. These things are happening, but they…

Digital Advertising: Everything you need to know in 2019

Digital advertising is one of the most powerful methods for reaching out potential audienceand driving business results. Advertising with Google ads or Facebook ads, etc., the cost per 1,000 click impressions or costs is far…
why-does-school-erp-system-should be-adopted

Why does the School ERP System need to be adopted by the principal?

One of the greatest challenges school principals face is handling the surplus documentation. For contemporary day principals, paperwork is one of the largest fields of frustration. You, the principals, can always run away with such…

Why does your business need to have a good cloud-based HR system?

Function of HR HR has traditionally been a support function for medium-sized or small businesses to enable the organization with excellent coordination abilities. Thanks to automation, the proportion of employees in the information sector is…
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