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Affiliate Bulk SMS Services Gateway Service Provider in India

Redefine your relationship with the customers through our bulk SMS gateway service and create a brand identity of your company or business. Technological advancements and increasing accessibility of the mobile phones have opened up vibrant new vistas for the mass communication industry.

Feat out to masses of people has become very easy and is a matter of minutes through our bulk SMS gateway service. It’s the most cost-effective digital marketing technique and has the highest chances of generating leads for your business.

One can also remind his/her customers about the significant events and updates by scheduling a message on our portal by choosing the exact time and date when the message is to be delivered. We can help your business create a buzz in the market through our customizable bulk SMS plans. It is much easier than any other form of marketing technique and provides you with more fruitful results than any other traditional marketing method.

We provide the ideal digital solutions by thoroughly studying about your business and then suggest a marketing plan to expand your business. Our bulk SMS gateway software is designed in such a way as to eliminate the need for a customer service executive and serve the communication needs to all kinds of industry, by helping you stay in touch with your customers and associates constantly.


How to choose a bulk SMS gateway provider

We will bridge the gap between you and your customers with just a click even if your customer is sitting in any nook or corner of the world. We have the most advanced SMS servers which are capable of withstanding heavy loads and hence your SMS never fails because of a busy server. That’s why bulk SMS gateway services are growing in popularity, it enables you to send bulk SMS simultaneously with ease and grace.

Our bulk SMS gateway services can be used in a variety of businesses including: –

  • Automobile Industry: Remind your customers about the installments due every month, service dates and insurance renewal.
  • Banking & Financial Industry: Send transactional SMSs like OTPs, ATM withdrawal and fund transfer information to the account holder.
  • E-Commerce: Provide your customers with the real-time updates of their order and shipping details.
  • Schools & Universities: Remind the parents of the students about the Parents Teachers Meeting and the conduct or behavior of their ward, and also, update everyone with the latest event details happening in your college or university.
  • Event Management: Send event brochures, tickets, redeemable vouchers, images, PDF attachments and many more.
  • Government & Public Utilities: Alert your citizens about the emergency situations where you have to evacuate a mass number of crowds, cut down all the long queues at the government offices and create a hassle-free environment.
  • Healthcare Providers: Remind your patients about their doctor’s appointment, cut down long queues at the hospitals to create a frustration-free environment for the patients, also send medical prescriptions, diet charts and much more through our SMS attachments.
  • Spas Gyms and Beauty Parlors: Send automated reminders, health tips, diet charts and other important information via an SMS.
  • Logistics: Send the shipping updates, invoices, bills, tracking detail web URLs and much more via an SMS.
  • Media & Entertainment: Invite the audience to an FM/TV show or ask the audience to vote for their favorite’s contestants in your reality show.
  • NGOs & Community Groups: Attract donors to donate for a cause by showing them relatable images and attachments, also send the annual report of your community groups.
  • Restaurants & Takeaways: Send delicious food shots, combo offers or redeemable vouchers to the loyal customers.
  • Retail Industry: Increase the footfall of the customers in lean days and increase your sales.
  • Travel & Tourism Industry: Become a travel buddy of your customer by sending all the itineraries and travel routes via an SMS to make their journey more hassle-free.

Although, there are a lot of platforms offering SMS marketing plans, but they provide partial results and you can hardly achieve the desired results due to several hidden issues. Our policies are completely transparent and our bulk SMS gateway services are very efficient to satisfy a variety of needs of your customers. Our bulk SMS gateway platform manages all the database related to your contacts securely and ensures improvised productivity with the help of customer feedback form and surveys.

All and all it’s a win-win situation for your business to join hands with our venture!

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