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Top Five IVR Service Providers In India For SMEs

Let me tell you an Interactive Voice Response system is an important element for any business to run it successfully. An IVR is a tool which can help you to reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction in your business. But, it is important for any business to choose one of the best IVR Service Providers in India for SMEs that meets the unique and important needs of your business.

An IVR system can effectively lower costs in any business and increase customer satisfaction. But, this can be possible only when you choose a suitable IVR service provider that can meet the unique needs of your business.

Here Are Some Questions That You Need To Keep In Mind Before Choosing The Plans Offered By Any IVR Service Providers In India:

1. Do they provide open standard IVR?
Answer: A wide range of other hardware and software can be connected with the help of Open Standard IVR, it is easier to integrate them into other systems/services that you already have in your business. It helps you to minimize the business cost, helps you to respond your customers quickly, and helps to adapt the quick changes in technology, do not consider an IVR service provider which is compatible with a limited range of services, because this will raise your operating costs, it reduces flexibility in your business, and your workload may be increased.

2. Can the system track the callers?
Answer: To get the best results of your IVR system, you have to make regular changes in order to improve the customer’s experience. These changes can opt, only if you use an IVR system that keeps records of callers. The better you keep track of your callers that who is calling and what they do during their calls, what type of queries customer generally raised then it is easier to identify requests that the IVR can’t handle on its own, and make changes in your IVR system accordingly. Customer data also allows you repeat the callers call and you may listen to the recorded calls to know their experience. You can also add feedback option through your IVR.

 What Do You Mean By Cloud-Based IVR System Solutions?

3. How does the menu of the system will be layered?
Answer: The sophisticated IVR system, the more likely it is to confuse the callers. To avoid flooding a customer with information more than they need or can remember, layer all the information systematically in the system. At the beginning of any calls of a customer, the primary menu should have only 4 to 5 options; which they can listen carefully and choose other options accordingly.

4. How can our customers navigate the system?
Answer: Your IVR system should be simple to navigate by the customer and intuitive as possible; instead of wasting customer time figure it out how to make their call interesting and their time useful. IVR systems provide instructions at the beginning of a call with the help of menu which asks customers to press keys accordingly to their queries, allow customers to select menu options by voice or by keypad, let customers select options as soon as they hear the recorded instructions. It’s also good to provide the options that consistent default items, such as a key that will help the customer to return back to the main menu.

When it comes to Interactive Voice Response system, there are a lot of IVR Service Providers in India and the business in this sector is growing rapidly from past few years. People are attracting themselves towards a world which is fully web-based and digitized. We also aim to make a meaningful contribution to the sector of Digital Marketing and Interactive Voice Response.

Here Is The List Of Top Five IVR Service Providers In India For SMEs:

NLET IVR Service Providers In India

Next Level Education And Technology: Next Level Education & Technology is one of the best IVR service providers in India. NLET is one of the fastest growing Interactive Voice Response system Service Provider Company in India which offers best Intelligent Call Routing, Multiple Extension, a pre-recorded menu, etc. as per these services provided by companies is the best tool of IVR system so that a customer can choose the service according to them. Interactive Voice Response service through NLET is the quickest way to reach prospective customers and promote your business. NLET is also the cost-effecting, reliable, leading company in the market as a digital marketing service provider. They provide a toll-free number and call recording facility to their customers.

• Welcome Message
• Music on hold
• Intelligent Call Routing
• Multiple Extension
• Never miss any call
• Call forwarding
• Missed call services
• Call recording
• Number choice
• SMS and E-mail notification

Bay Talkitec IVR Service Providers In India

BAY TALKITEC: Bay talkitec is a reliable brand for IVR and cloud telephony solution since 1991. They’ve successfully provided satisfactory IVR service to their customer and in the different sector also such as Telecom, BFSI, Public information system and Transport etc. Bay talkitec is one of the best IVR service providers in India for telecom sector companies.

• Automatic speech recognition
• IP enabled
• Text to speech
• Highly customizable
• Intelligent call routing

Exotel IVR Service Providers In India

EXOTEL: Exotel is a Bangalore based company, which runs the business of phone system services that helps the customer to know about the facility and create a good brand image in front of their customers. The company provides the IVR system services that helps to customize customer through voice calls and recorded messages on that.

• Unlimited channel
• Call Analytics
• Number masking
• Conditional call routing
• Call recording
• Multi-level IVR
• Missed call services

Knowlarity IVR Service Providers In India

KNOWLARITY SMART IVR: Knowlarity smart is a company which operates one of the best cloud compounding platforms. They have the mechanism of verbosity, backup auto-scaling. Their IVR system service includes the virtual number, click to call, call center services etc. The company is mainly known as the best IVR service provider for the BPOs and Call centers.

• Smart call tracking
• Voice call
• Call recording
• Layered menu
• Welcome greeting
• Mobile app
• IVR and dial group

MyOperator IVR Service Providers In India

MY OPERATOR: My operator is a business which provides satisfactory Interactive Voice Response system service which is simple and affordable call management technique for companies. A toll-free number and voice call recording facility also provided by the company to their customer. IVR is a technology used to handle a number of the customer at a time through calls.

• Welcome message
• Call tracking
• Voice call recording
• Toll-free number
• Customer’s database
• Web management
• Call distribution
• Call forwarding

 How Much Do You Know About Interactive Voice Response System?

These are some of the best IVR service providers in India at an affordable cost to the businesses and small enterprises. The business is the leading market competitors for small medium enterprises. Interactive voice response system is the preferred system by the most of the organizations as they want to provide the best services to their customer and want to create a good brand image in the market. Interactive Voice Response system is the tool which helps a business to improve their services.

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