Why do you need a CRM Software?

A vast quantity of data is created every day by the company employees. Every time a marketing representative of the company talks to a customer, follows up a promising lead, converts customer into leads or meets a sales prospect, data is generated. The question here arises is where does this data go? Certainly, one cannot store all this data in their heads or a diary or notepad. A company would lose a potentially valuable customer if the data is lost or forgotten. Just imagine how tedious and rigorous process it might become to again gather such crucial information. 

In order to overcome these problems and avoid mishaps, fortunately Customer Relationship Management Software is developed. For a growing business, a CRM helps to manage the customer information & data at one place and turn it to actionable insight for boosting your business.


What is NLET CRM Software?

It is all-rounder tool which manages contacts, sales, productivity & workflow of the business. The prime objective of NLET CRM Software is to help the organization not just increase its sales but also interacting with potential clients smoothly. Customers are the most valued assets of any company.  With their feedback, a company is on the path of improvement bringing new ideas and concepts. The deeply you understand your customer, the higher success level you achieve.

From HR to marketing to customer services, this software is the top-class solution for your supply-chain management. With NLET CRM Software you can easily store customer contact information at a central place and share it with your colleagues. Every service-request, question, past preferences, contact details of the customer is at your fingertips. It definitely helps you make a long-lasting relationship with your lead customers.

Why NLET CRM Software is important?

Close more deals than ever, automatice lead captures,in-built
phone,smart alerts with push notifcations.

Minimizes data entry

It helps automate daily tasks like filling out forms, making reports, addressing any customer issues. These tasks might be time-consuming but thankfully with CRM, all the mundane & small tasks are taken off the shoulder of the employees. The automated CRM takes care of every minute detail which you might have probably missed out.

Improvises customer relations

The quicker a problem of the customer gets resolved higher are the chances to gain their trust and use it for good in future. With better communication comes satisfactory customer experience. CRM is the key to understand your customer & streamlining the customer data process in order to enhance relationship with prospects, leads, & potential clients. Your representative should be readily available with the solution and past experience of the client.

Higher Revenue

The revenue boosts when everyone is familiar with the usage of CRM. Productivity along with client satisfaction increases.

Effective communication

To amplify and smoothen communication between not just customer and team but also within the team members, a CRM is necessary.

How NLET CRM will boost your business & manage activities?

CRM software manages Lead Generation & Management
1. Lead Generation & Management

To automate the lead generation tasks and pipelines, to generate leads and maximise business & profits, a CRM software manages these efficiently.

CRM software manages Sales Tracking
2. Sales Tracking

All the sales processes can be managed at one place with easy and simplified tracking options. Marketing teams often use CRM to measure Return On Investment (ROI). Moreover, it also depicts if you have been targeting the right audiences in the right industry.

CRM software will allow you to create invoices
3. Invoice Creation

Creating invoices can become mind-boggling at times. A CRM software will allow you to create invoices effortless and error-free.

CRM Software allows you to Management Expense
4. Expense Management

In a growing business keeping a track of finances is paramount. It becomes imperative to know how much money is spent on which activities. NLET CRM designed in an elementary way helps the Admin keep such records without exhausting the database.

Customer Service
5. Customer Management

The contact information of all the customers is accessible by every person in the organisation. They can make calls, send messages & emails. If any member of the sales or marketing team leaves, the other members can quickly pick up from where they’d left. This transparency allows efficient working between the employees.

Proposals (Customer Quotation)
6. Proposals (Customer Quotation)





support system can make use of a CRM software
7. Support System

In order to improve customer relations, support system can make use of a CRM software to get insights into customer’s past interactions and issues. Also, it is the best tool to measure customer engagement. It helps you get a customer’s complete history with his preferred choices. Ticket-based complaints are raised which are resolved within few hours.

CRM software have Easy login facilities
8. Easy login facilities

Every user can login with his username and password. There is no requirement for lengthy sign up or login processes.

Who can use NLET CRM Software?

Marketing Team

Marketing Team

Sales Team

Sales Team

Customer Service

CRM Software have Customer Management feature
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