Do you know how to run a successful Email Marketing campaign for your business? Are you aware of the power of Email Marketing? Or in case if you are already running email marketing, is your strategy is working properly? All your queries will be answered with NLET email marketing specialists. According to the facts, there are about 269 billion businesses emails are sent each day. You must be wondering now that where your email marketing strategy is standing to catch your audience’s attention?

These numbers are going up day and night and that’s why today it has become essential to change your email marketing strategy so you can reach up to your targeted audience. All you need to do is to contact NLET for our superior email marketing services so that you can run a successful email marketing campaign and can get more leads, sales, and engagement for your business niche.

Email Marketing

Why choose us?

By looking at the stats we had indicated in the intro section, the major advantage it shows that people still use email widely. People still use email on regular basis. You can make email marketing as your perfect tool for building a deep connection or relationship with your customer in order to generate more leads and sales. Here comes our role, our email marketing specialists know what prep work need to do so you are primed for more success when you click to send your first email.

We are India's leading Email Marketing Service Provider
  • We deliver emails effectively with the highest open rates.
  • Reliable email infrastructure, increase email database
  • Used by small, medium, entrepreneurs.
  • Import your MS Access, Excel, online MySQL database and all other sources.
Value Proposition
You want more customers to choose your product, your brand over your competitors? As our smart marketers know the fact that an email write-up with value proposition will be the winning one. Accordingly, a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it in a unique way. How you solve the pain point of your customers?
Different Email Marketing Campaigns
Our marketers are pundits in all type of email marketing campaigns. We help you to decide which email marketing campaign will be better to carry out for your business. As majorly there are 4 types of email marketing campaigns: - Newsletter, Some marketing offer, any announcement, or sending an invitation to your customers for an event. We carry out all kind of email campaigns depending on what are your goals.
How to write an email and design a template
Our email marketing specialists are aware of how to write an email, to cover subject lines, optimizing all emails for image blocking to increase ROI, more image oriented to, where to put your brand logo, adjust maximum pixel width and delivering relevant information. To drive an action to your email, we follow strict measures to bring conversion.
Step by Step Procedure
We make sure that your email has the maximum open rates, ensuring deliverability of your emails, creating an effective email content for your business niche, loaded creativity in email, stringent measures to acquire a customer for your business, who, when and why marked your mail as spam, number of emails that are not opened and that makes a successful leading email marketing campaign involving lot of work.

Know Your Goals

You just need to be aware that what your goal is. Our smart marketers in order to run a successful email marketing campaign we consider some typical goals.
  • Keen attention to your new subscribers: – Welcoming your new added subscribers and tell them about your business and values you offer. Hence connecting with your audience.
  • Boost engagement: – We craft a compelling content and template within your business niche in order to make an initial sale.
  • Nurture the existing ones: – We never ignore our past and existing customers and hence in order to convert more sales and purchase we make a marketing strategy to offer them value service.
  • Segmenting your subscribers: – Our marketer’s segment your subscribers so that you can send laser-targeted email marketing campaigns.

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