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NLET Initiatives LLP

NLET Initiatives LLP

Since one moment of inspiration in September 2017, Mayank Jain and Nitesh Saraswat (Co-Founders of NLET Initiatives LLP) came forward with a vision to provide a world-class experience of education by allowing the schools, colleges, institutions and general public to use our facilities like Portable Smart Classes, Campus Management App, Language Lab, Multimedia Content, Digital Notice Board and Online Exam Practice Platform where teachers and institutions can create and design their own tests to assess the students.

Our mission is to make education more accessible. We provide such facilities keeping in mind to help students throughout their educational journey and make them believe that everyone has the right to an affordable, quality education. Earn better grades through our online education portal and make better career decisions.

NLET Initiatives LLP isn’t only looking forward to develop the education system, but also fulfil the need of Digitisation in India by providing a platform to those clients who wish to digitally market their products and services. By Digital Marketing of a product or service, we mean to provide you a platform where you can pitch your customers through a variety of ways, like Bulk SMS, Voice BroadcastingIVR (Interactive Voice Response) SystemsMissed Call Services and Toll-Free Number. Using the digital means of marketing means cost-cutting, quicker installation, track of customers who come through digital marketing and many more such benefits.

We also provide clients and companies associated with us the facility to increase the reach of their social media pages to their potential customers. By successfully running a Social Media Marketing Campaign, we provide our clients the facility to engage with their real-time audience to generate a handful of revenue and sale. Apart from that, we provide you the facility to have a Social Wall where you can see all the real-time events and activities with regards to your business happening around you.

With NLET Initiatives LLP, you can also acquire your customers through e-mail marketing where you provide us with your email ID and password to let us send a customised message, template or mail according to us to the potential buyers of your products and services. We can manage all your contacts and potential customers to reduce the pressure on you while also providing your loyal customers with discount vouchers.

Let NLET Initiatives LLP provide you with an expert and professional team to handle all the Digital and Social Media Marketing of your products and services. With an aim to make India more digital, we are providing the Indian citizens with world-class facilities in the sector of Education and Digital Marketing.

We’d love to hear from you! Please tell us how we can help you here. If you have a general question about NLET Initiatives LLP, please contact us.