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What Is HRM?

HRM Is All About Managing The Organisation Functions Related To The Employees Like Recruitment, Management And Gives Them Proper Direction. HRM Describes The Complete Cycle That Starts From The Hiring People Till The Person Gets Fired Or Terminated. So, HRM Or Human Resource Management Is Basically A Department That Handles All The Employees Related Aspects And Gives Them Proper Way Outs To Achieve Company’s Goals Or Objectives.

As Now You Are Little Bit Familiar About HRMs So Let Us Focus On Its Main Features.

Why Organizations Should Have HRM?

Never Hesitate To Steal A Good Idea And That’s What HRMS Is. HRMS Now Becomes A Very Important Tool For Every Growing Organization. As This Software Handles All The Things Connected With Employees From Enrolment To Dismissal Instantaneously. It Manages All The Things So Well That You Can Track Every Single Thing Within A Second Such As Employee’s Date Of Joining, Attendance, Payroll, Appraisal, Training And Exit From The Company. All The Work Is Done Automatically Via This Software Which Eliminates The Work Of An Accountant And This Is The Big Achievement For The Company. HRMS Software Minimizes The Work Done As All The Things Are Available On The Dashboard So The Management Can Check The Entire Details On The Go.



  • HRMS
  • Payroll
  • User roles
  • Holiday calendar
  • Payslip generation
  • Leave management
  • Expense claims
  • Asset management
  • Events and Meeting
  • Accounting
  • Goal Setting
  • Recruitment
  • Performance check
  • Attendance tracking
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Travel management
  • Multi locations
  • Training Management
  • ToDo - Task Management
  • Employee on boarding & Exit
  • Automatic payroll calculation
  • Employee Portal
  • Biometric device integration
  • Multiple legal entities
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Excel and csv upload
  • Inter company chat application

upto 25 employee


25 - 50 employee


50 - 100 employee


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