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NLET School was started with the objective of making the administrative job of schools, colleges and institutes an easy process. NLET School is basically a School Management Software,where the job roles of the school administration reduces to about 60%.
School management software is a treat for all schools and institutes as the schools now can have a super easy management of students, faculty , staff , attendance,etc… that too with a simple installation of School Management Software.
NLET School is one such organisation which can make your administration job super easy and productive with the installation of School Management Software.

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Why NLET School - School Management Software ?​​

NLET School is a one stop solution for all the management work  at schools, colleges. We suggest NLET School because of the comfort , increased profitability and prevention from errors, which can be done by humans or manually, NLET School “School Management Software” helps prevent such miscellaneous errors by automation and easy usage of the software, which helps the administration to feed its data and updates with very little resources and employees , moreover NLET School provides the updates to the customers at one-touch.

Need of NLET School - School Management Software for Institutes​​

School management software are beneficial for all type of institutes as they are user-friendly , easy to handle and the most useful investment an institute can make.
Basically considering any school management software, they provide  
some features and facilities which makes the school management an easy process.
We will be discussing some quality features of the school management software, which will answer our question of what is the need of a school management software.

Why NLET School is best
School Management Software

The NLET school management software is highly systematic and organized, when we say systematic we refer to the simple easy and organized usage of the software. With management of multiple school administration task, the need is to be systematic and organized to prevent chaos.

With NLET School , quick and easy decisions can be taken at an ease. In such a large organisation it is necessary to take quick decisions, and NLET School provides such facility to make an update anytime of the day, and it will be circulated within seconds.

NLET school management software is very beneficial for parents, specially when they feel the need to know about the grades, or the performance of their child in school. It also benefits while calculating final attendance as the faculty cannot make any changes to the attendance as per their wish.

NLET School is for teachers too, as they can check student profile, know about their academic performances as well as mention some special points to remember for each student. Teachers can communicate directly to the student as well as their parents regarding the performance, special class or any other changes made.

Benefits of
NLET School Management Software


The best and the most important feature of a school management software is that it is easy to use, its user friendly. Using this there are no complications or tough learning to utilise the benefit of a school management software.

Instant Messaging

School management software can be considered as a software working at real time, as even the quickest updates can be sent there at one touch. Even the customers like the parents, kids, staff etc can know about the instant changes or any event taking place within seconds.

Bus Tracking​

Under the school management software , safety of the students is also a matter of concern for the school , and therefore it also provides the bus tracking system, where the school buses are tracked by the GPS system. And further ,The buses through that GPS are kept an eye through the control centre, which is again an advantage for the parents to track their kids.


School management software is completely safe and secure, as well as the data stored in this is totally kept private and cannot be edited by anyone else except the administrator, hence keeping a low chance of any misconduct with the data.

SMS and Automatic alerts to parents

School administrations can pre-schedule the alerts and they can further be sent to parents automatically. There are even many more features of School management software which can be used, and can make the work of an institution easy.


School management software can be completely customised according to the need of the school or institute. It is actually tailor made and changes can be made according to the need of the organization.

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