Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

PPC Marketing

Any amount of money you invest in your business through different marketing channels needs to deliver a better ROI, a better profitable return. Our approach to Pay Per Click or online marketing advertisement is very data-centric. We put our step forward with data insights alongside a killer combination of technology and our creative, strategist team of PPC to drive a high performance campaigns that make a rock-solid difference to your bottom line. PPC can be a really costly if you really don’t have the idea of how to drive this cruise aka Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc, as data is available at very granular level and the slightest changes can have drastic impact on your cost per acquisition model.

Why NLET for PPC Services?

Being the leading PPC Service provider in India, NLET apprehends the importance of what is brand awareness and how each and every penny spend is important to bring leads to your business. We do extensive research in selecting the top profitable and relevant niche keywords and develop the interesting ads.

NLET has worked across several varied businesses in PPC Campaign build-up. We build the entire campaign as per your budget and needs. We strive to delivering the best possible results for your PPC advertising campaign in order to bring leads to your business “that matters”.

Our PPC Services

NLET PPC specialists are committed to deliver a better return on your marketing investment for your business. We offer various paid services across display, search and social platforms. We work with a scientific approach to deliver the best possible ROI.
Google Adwords
NLET Google Adwords specialists create your campaigns and work with zeal to drive instant traffic to your business. Our team works with a motto to convert your traffic in to leads/sales and turn it into your customer. Ruling over the internet with a two third of searching, Adwords become the most effective PPC advertising vehicle.
Social Media Ads
We love to create social media ads too for business who want to target their audience through Social media platforms, who want to target audience through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
Bing Ads
For business who want their traffic, sales or leads through Microsoft’s growing search engine “Bing”. We create ads which are ROI focussed. You can increase your sales overnight and generate powerful leads with Bing Ads. From ad creation to optimization of your current campaign we cover everything.
Retargeting Service
Since 5 years we have been spearheading tremendous successful PPC campaigns with retargeting for a plethora of clients.

NLET Scientific approach to paid Advertising

We help you create a profitable campaign for your business which yields a better ROI by maintaining good quality score for your Ad campaign so that you don’t have to pay more for every click on different search engine platforms. Our writers and ad specialists’ work together in order to create stunning creative ads, we create custom ads which people would love to click.

Our team believes that PPC model is not a rocket science but not a tangible either. We cannot guess every time as it can be a really costly affair, we make strict data-driven decisions by ensuring that our account management is the best that it can be. By using principles of mathematics, data analysis we conclude anything, we perform intelligent, serious data analysis to inform anything pertaining to campaign in order to get the best return on your marketing investment.

We never follow the guidelines or the boundaries set by the Google or any other advertisement platform, we build our own approach to solve the issues to maximize the profit, to shoot the ROI up to 300-400%. Our primary focus always lies on how to provide you a better ROI, we take our full time to understand what your business is all about, and its profit margins and then apply the methods through mathematical, advertising and marketing tactics.

What will you get?

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