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How can our company help you?

Do we perform hard-core coding? Do we take care of visual appealing look of your Website? Yes Indeed! Then what makes us different from others? We involve you, your feedback, at every stage so that your business looks-alike what you have dreamt of. NLET works with a slightly different approach; we blend the art with today’s business to churn out better results for you. 



Clean coding

It is a very subjective task and every developer of our team takes it on a very serious note. A clean code is easy to change and understand. We write code which is easy to understand how the different objects collaborate and the execution flow of an entire application.

Believe in Elegant Design

Our web developer Ninjas make an attractive and appropriate design for your website with great richness and functionality. Right from Font Selection, to eye-rolling great design, we fix all!

Social Media Integration

Do you want your social media presence limited to your social profile? Your answer must be No! We make your website social media friendly by integrating social media platforms which are relevant to your business resulting in to increase traffic at your website and your business too.

Power of Responsive Website

We make sure that your website is adaptable to the screen it is being used on, regardless of what device it is. NLET believes a mobile-optimized website can give your site a number of benefits. Our Web developers begin writing code with Google recommendations. A better experience is what we aim.

Easy Navigation

We think from user persona too. We develop a website which is user-friendly and makes it easy to navigate. We consider the three main factors “Business, Your Goals, and Audience”. NLET makes sure that these factors must be covered while pre-launching any website.

Great Support

We go beyond to our custom project completion. We provide an atmosphere where client feel their own company

How do we work

  • Evaluation Criteria

    Our very first step revolves around your requirements and what you want from us. NLET understand your requirements keeping in mind to leverage your business.  Our marketing executives contacts with you and gets a better idea of your requirements and note it down. These requirements are evaluated thoroughly and the possibility of incorporating it

  • Systems Analysis

    Whatever is your requirement pertaining to web development, we do our best to achieve it. The requirement specifications from the first phase are studies thoroughly by management and tech ninjas. We prepare a list involving the proposed requirements in an organized manner and make it well technically documented.

  • Graphics-Visual Shout

    NLET marks its presence more loudly by having creative mindsets of people “core graphics team”. These creative people work on the basis of your requirements and give your website a compelling look. The overall structure of your website and its layout are defined which gives a coherent visual message to your audience.

  • Actual Implementation

    Our Developers roll out their sleeves and sit with a mug of coffee to write codes. This actual implementation is well briefed to you before we start writing a single line of code. We discuss each and every stage with you that how we will go and perform it.

  • User-Friendly Content

    NLET makes sure that your website is not only visually appealing; a website must contain those words which speak about your brand, your products louder.  Content writers craft impeccable content for your website which is easy to read and understandable for your target audience.

  • Testing Reviewing and Launch

    Testing is what we do at regular intervals, it’s a core part of our web development process. Our Web developers make sure that every single link is tested. We perform code validation check that our code follows the current web standards. After going through every check-post, we launch the website.

  • Our Help Desk

    It’s not just enough to deliver a website to a user. We make sure that everything works fine. NLET help desk makes sure that each and every customer is satisfied with our service. We feel your website as a product and we are always ready and prepared to make any changes in case you feel.

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