10 Free SEO Tools You Must Be using in 2019

Posted by - Admin March 15,2021

10 Free SEO Tools You Must Be Use

To be successful online, you won’t go far without Free SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization). Without adequate tools, it is difficult to analyze which SEO strategies are most successful. It is equally difficult to know the weakness that is standing in the way of good search engine ranking. Free SEO tools are therefore an important instrument for every webmaster since it helps to understand the website better.

Free SEO Tools are the platforms that offer tools to help recognize website issues and get the complete record of the web pages. It offers essential information for search engine optimization that covers website issues, addresses problems, link analysis, broken links, keywords etc. It will also check site mobile, tablet compatibility.



Analyze Website Data and Get Complete Record of Website like – Title length, Meta keyword, Alt tag etc. Check Site Mobile Compatibility Link Analysis like- Anchor Links, Broken Links Page Loading Speed of Website. Traffic Rank and Visitors

Screaming Frog- SEO Spider


Crawls Website Links, Images, CSS, Script, and Apps. Evaluate Onsite SEO. Fetch Key Onsite Elements for Analysis.

PageSpeed Insights by Google


Get Page Speed Score and Suggestions to Improve Web page Speed. Run Page Speed Modules on your Apache or Nginx Server to optimize Resources on Your Website. Leverage Google Public DNS to Improve Security and Speed of Browsing.

Internet Archive- Way Back Machine


Searches Archived Pages in Website. Capture, Manage and Search Collaboration of Digital Content. Capture Web page as it Appears Now for Trusted Citation in Future.

Markup Validation Service


Checks Markup Validity of Web Documents in HTML, XHTML, and SMIL. Tools to Validate Content such as RSS/Atom Feeds or CSS Stylesheets, Mobile OK Content. Find Broken Links. Non-DTD based Validator.  

Redirect Detective


Full Trace of a URL Redirect. Check Where an Affiliate Link Goes to. Check if Links Redirect to a Legitimate Site. Check What Point in the Redirection Path Cookies Are Being Set.

Broken Link Checker


Check for Dead Links in Websites and Blogs Scan Unlimited Number of Web Pages Validate Both Internal and External URL’s Locate Problematic Links in HTML Report Error Codes for Bad URL’s


Strengthen your Local SEO. Fetch Data from Multiple Sources like Google, Facebook etc. Measure Accuracy, Duplicacy, and Completeness of Business Listing across Search Engines. Distribute Business Listing across Search Engines to make it Possible for New Customers to Spot Your Business.

XML Sitemaps


Build XML Sitemap Check for Broken Links.



Check Duplicacy of Contents Scans for Copies of your Content and Email you Whenever Someone Copy Your Content. Private Index, Case Tracking


With the SEO strategies constantly changing, it is important to keep an eye on the industry as it affects your website. There are a wide number of Free SEO Tools available. With the usage of these tools, you can analyze the pros and cons and move steps towards reaching your marketing related goals.