Simplify your volunteer management process

Streamline the process to move your volunteer program to the next level.

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NLET provides a strategic volunteer management system to efficiently and effectively help the nonprofit organization. Recruiting volunteers to manage all event related activities at one place, volunteer management system is all in one solution.
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Why NLET is Right Volunteer Management System ?

Here are some highlight about our volunteer management system

Track performance

Tracking and reporting are essential to analyze the overall performance of volunteers. NLET provides integrated tracking reporting to ensure all your data is automatically updated and accessible.

Group sign-ups

Keeping track of groups is becoming difficult? Don’t worry, NLET let you bulk registration to manage and maintain the each and every group activity at the same time and same place.

Reduce paperwork

Automate the overall manual process to eliminate the paperwork. Sharing file and document electronically to save paper, time and money.

Enhance productivity

Digitize day to day activities to ensure your volunteer program runs smoothly. The system offers tools and modules to help administrators to manage the chaos.

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Core Modules

One of the most challenging tasks in a nonprofit organization is to manage the volunteers accurately or effectively. Online volunteer management assists in the recruitment, keeping track of volunteer performance and generates accurate reports. Streamlining each process may increase efficiency and productivity of the administrator.

Increased efficiency

Increased accountability

Increased Participation

Managing Shiftings

Monitor attendance

Upload documents

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Benefits Of Volunteer Management Solution

We provide a complete volunteer management solution to all sizes of businesses

Less time to invest

No hustle-bustle, The system is a less time consuming solution that allows the manager to manage all to-do activities and processes on fingertips.

Easy Availability

No matter where you are, simply having an automated volunteer system in your hands that is what every administrator wants. You can manage everything anytime, anywhere.

Enhances Engagement

It allows you to provide updates and notification to your volunteers about the activities that are held in your organization. It enhances interaction and engagement between your organization and volunteer.

Cost- effective

There is not a better way to manage your non profit organization not just without putting excess efforts but also at a low cost.

Integrated system

One of the benefits of the system is that it is simpler and easier to integrate with another tool to get better insight.

SMS and Notification

With the volunteer system you can streamline your volunteer notifications and SMS to inform them of every important information.