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The NLET school management software system is more than software solutions. It is a cloud-based school ERP software that automates all your to-do activities, such as attendance tracking, generating grades, and online class management so that administration, faculty, and students can easily interact and virtually collaborate from any corner of the world.
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Why NLET School Management System?

An Extraordinary ERP Solution for Education Institutions.


Hassle-free fee collection

NLET provides a robust student fee management solution for automating, simplifying and enhancing fee collection to drive efficiency and reduce costs.


Paperless Admission

NLET School allows you to effectively manage admissions along with basic student data, emergency contact numbers, academic records, fee details and documentation requested or pending, etc.


Online Assessment

It provides comprehensive examination experience to students and teachers. NLET helps in conducting an interesting and interactive examination like a real-class environment.


In-built Attendance tracker

To overcome such a hassle-bustle hectic schedule. NLET attendance module is an all-in-one solution for keeping track of student attendance, leaves or absent records.

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Core Modules

NLET School Management Software has a range of modules in just a single system. The modules help to manage lengthy procedures like admission management, fee management, campus recruitment, account management, staff management, transport management and many more. Some core modules that school management software comes with are listed here.












Human Resource


Modules Of School Management Software

fee_collection 01

Fee collection

Income_management 02


expense_management 03


payroll_generation 04


transport_tanagement 05


stock_tracker 06


accounting_management 07


account_setup 08

Bank account

online_payments 09

Online Payment

fee_alerts 10

Fee Alerts/
Demand Notice

online_admission 01

Online offline
Student admission

student_information 02


student_attendance 03


leave_management 04


student_history 05


communicate_center 06


hr_management 07

HR management

staff_attendance 08

Staff attendance

staff_appraisal 09

Staff Appraisal

student_promotion 10


class_timetable 01

Class Time
table management

teachers_timetable 02

Teachers timetable

inventory_management 03


classes 04

Recorded video

classwork 05

Classwork &

download_center 06

Download center

certificate_generation 07


disciplinary_assessment 08


hostel _management 09


library_management 10


online_examination 01


question_bank 02

Question bank

Question bank 03

Term and
Exam creation

exam_scheduling 04

Exam scheduler

admit_card 05

Admit card

report_card 06

Report card

marks_register 07

Mark register

online_admission 08

Online classes

assignments 09


report_card 10

Primary Grade

Inquiry_management 01

Admission inquiry

Visitor_book 02


complete_reporting 03


id_card_creation 04

ID card

consent_letter 05

Consent latter

notice_board 06

Notice Board

front_cms 07

Front CMS

Media_manager 08

Media Manager

event_gallery 09

Event Gallery

report_card 10

Various related

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Benefits Of School Management System

Some of the key benefits of school management software are as follow -.


Timetable Management

NLET Timetable Module is a vital tool for schools that saves administrators time and effort while also providing students and teachers with more flexibility in their schedules.


Tracks Progress

The school ERP allows educational institutions to monitor the progress of each student in academic and extracurricular activities.


Easily Customizable

The school management system is easily customizable and caters to the varying needs of the school in different languages according to your requirements.


Operational Efficiency

There are several operational efficiencies like low-cost maintenance services, reduced management staff, automation of the operations.


Online Exam

Takes off multiple exams and helps candidates to be better prepared for any exam. The exam may be a final or a mid-term examination, and so on.


Parents-School collaboration

Empowers parents to easily pay fees online, view student classroom performance and report cards and many more.

School Management Software Guide

School Management Software Buyers Guide

What is School Management Software?

A school management software is a single-line integrated platform. Through digitalization and automation of different academic and administrative processes, it assists in the efficient running of your institution. When it’s about data management, the software also allows you to perform bulk data management chores very flawlessly and swiftly.

The pandemic has already changed the way the globe manages its daily operations. Among all the industries, educational institutions have experienced the most change. That is why schools require school management software.

Most importantly, from parents to school management, the school management software benefits everyone. It lets parents to keep track of their children's progress in school. Using this school management solution, teachers can cut down on the time it takes to teach online by using them. When it comes to keeping track of online payments, the school administrator will have a lot less work than before. In terms of students, they can stay in touch with each other from any place in the world, at any time of day or night.

The cloud-based school management tool minimize helps teachers to minimize their daily activity hassle and save money for school as well. There are many modules in the best school management software that can help your school run more efficiently and more quickly.

The Software for school management makes it easier to keep track of every school management process. It lets you manage and modify data in a way that fits your rules and policies. Additionally, it connects all of the departments, making it easier for staff members to communicate information while ensuring that data is safe at the centralized platform.

Modules of School Management Software

School management software modules

NLET's school management software includes a variety of modules. Each one has a different purpose. Below, we'll take a closer look at some of the more well-known examples.

  • 1. Admission Management:

    With the help of this school ERP software, you can manage the entire admissions process for your institution online. The programme will make the process of submitting paperwork and keeping track of admissions considerably more convenient for all parties. So the administrator will be able to handle more forms, and the likelihood of human error will be eliminated.

  • 2. Fee Management

    This functionality aids in the simplification of fee collecting on campus, as well as the generation of informative reports and the sending of timely notifications to parents. Institutes can send alerts and notifications to parents informing them of upcoming or pending fee collection dates and deadlines. Parents can pay fees immediately from their mobile phones thanks to the integration of a payment gateway. So, the school management system eliminates the need to visit the campus.

  • 3. Attendance and Leave Management:

    It is one of the most often used modules in school management software, the attendance management module, which is used to track a student's attendance at various points throughout the day, including subject-wise and daily attendance. Through the system, teachers can manage attendance using a laptop or a mobile app, and they can send immediate notifications to parents. Also available with integrations like RFID and biometric technology, which can help to reduce the amount of manual involvement required in attendance taking.

  • 4. Communication Management

    School management software can assist in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between parents and teachers as well as between students and teachers. The mobile app that comes with the school software is a great way to ensure that all communications are received and acknowledged by children and their parents. There are many additional features in this system that can be used to customize and automate various campus communications, as well.

  • 5. Library Management

    One of the best things that have ever happened to humanity is the introduction of virtual libraries. If your school has an online library, encourage everyone to use it. Each book that a student checks out is recorded in the Library management software. To better understand your student's choices, you can use this to add extra books to the library based on their interests. In addition, a complete record of the books will be kept in the school management software.

  • 6. Timetable Management

    The timetable management module provides the ability to efficiently organise all academic and non-academic events taking place at the school. The system provides students with a set of predictable routines to follow. Students and teachers can access the schedule using their mobile app.

  • 7. Examination Management

    The school management system will allow you to conduct online examination, assessments, monitor student progress, and personalise student report cards with ease. Because the test will be conducted using school software, no extra money or paper will be used. To conduct objective and descriptive assessments, this software is a breeze to use. As a result, there is no longer a need to print report cards.

    Each student will receive a report from the NLET school results management system. With the help of this module, educators and parents alike will be better able to identify growth opportunities.

  • 8. Inventory Management

    You won't have to put in any extra effort to keep track of everything that happens at your school if you use the right school management software. Even when working from a distance, it is possible to keep track of the school's resources..

    This module is responsible for the tracking of purchase orders, goods invoicing, in-house stock management, equipment, and other assets at the school. In the end, it generates your analytical and graphical report

  • 9. Human Resource Management

    There is no better way to manage the human resources department at your school than to make use of this online school management software. As a result of completing the using the software for school management, you will be able to manage every human resources-related procedure correctly and effectively. You'll be able to complete tasks like time-off scheduling, payroll allocation, and payslip creation in just a few clicks.

  • 10. Student Data Management

    NLET's online school management software enables teachers and school administrators to access students' enrolment and personal information in just a few clicks. Using the school software, you can add student categories, change topic information, add new students to batches, and so on. All of this enables educational institutions to handle multiple batches and courses with ease.

Major benefits of School Management Software

After the pandemic times, a wide range of educational technologies has been made available. More encouraging is the fact that educational technology is responding to the digitization of the institution's operations.

Benefits of School Management Software
  • 1. Save time

    One of the most significant advantages of school management software is the time savings that teachers and other campus staff can enjoy. Faculty can save precious time and concentrate on delivering high-quality education to students thanks to the various modules that are available for everyday use.

  • 2. Cost-effective

    Because every school is unique, we provide solutions that are specifically designed for it. Depending on the institution's requirements, we can tailor our services. There are no restrictions on how many kids, teachers, or parents can access the NLET school management system, making it a cost-effective choice.

  • 3. Training & support

    We give users comprehensive training sessions as well as follow-up support once they have completed the implementation. Users can learn about the functionality of this system by watching feature-based training which allows users to learn about the school software.

  • 4. Data security

    One of the most important advantages of school management software is the protection of student data. For this reason, it protects the personal data of students and staff members from unauthorised or malicious access. We also provide data backup services.

  • 5. Highly Accessible

    The majority of parents are too busy to make it to school. Because most school administration software is mobile-friendly, kids can use their phones to access it as well as their computers. Teachers and other members of the staff will like this function as well.

  • 6. Multi-Institute management

    We provide multi-institute ERP software for managing several institutions from a single location. A single dashboard gives the administrator a bird's-eye view of all branches' operations. Interested in learning more? Check out our Multi-School Management System.

  • 7. Faster and easy communication

    The education software bridge the communication gap between parents and school management. The software instantly shares notifications about the report card, fees, examination, library dues, parent-teaching meetings, upcoming events, and many more.

  • 8. School Mobile App

    The NLET School Mobile App for Android and iOS is a great tool for running your school's day-to-day operations from your smartphone or tablet. All of NLET's primary functions, such as fee payment, attendance marking, real-time communication, assignment submission, tracking of the timetable, forthcoming classes, and more, are now available via the School management app.

Features of School Management Software

Features of School Management Software

Why Schools Need School ERP Software?

The past scenario has impacted both education and the way students learn in school. Across 1.2 billion students now continue their education from home rather than in a typical classroom setting. The pandemic has prompted schools all over the world to close.

Several experts believe that this wide adoption of online learning will continue even beyond the outbreak. Only e-learning, remote schooling, and online classrooms were the saviours in every challenging situation.

Software for schools (ERP) is primarily used by many educational institutions, and it can be defined as an online solution that assists in the management of every process, such as school and college operations. School Management Software is designed to boost the productivity and efficiency of students, teachers, and the school as a whole, while also streamlining a variety of administrative tasks.

Here are a few reasons that explain why schools need school management software:

  • Anywhere and anytime accessibility
  • Improve the daily productivity of students and teachers
  • Decrease in the workload of educator
  • Cut down the use of paper
  • Helps to make better decisions which increase efficiency
  • Make student learning more effective
  • Complete automated software including many integrations
  • Enhance the productivity of teachers and students

How does the School Management System work?

A school management system is the best solution for managing day-to-day operations. The software manages everything from student admission to transfer certificate generation. There are many advantages of school management software.

Through this software, parents, teachers, and school administrators can all easily communicate with each other.

  • 1. Eliminate Extra Cost

    With the school management system, schools can avoid needless costs like conducting offline exams, fee receipts, id cards and many more. The offline exam process begins with the creation of questions, preparation and distribution of a large number of answer sheets. And the online school software saves paper consumption and precious time.

  • 2. Better feedback

    Using the School Management Software aid educational institutions in offering a higher level of education with automation. The students, parents, administrators and teachers can also submit their personalized feedback. The feedback helps to improve the school productivity and efficiency.

  • 3. High security and reporting

    School ERP Software is cloud-based school management software that provides high security and relevant reports. Cloud security protects data from any unauthorized source or cyber-attacks. The best school management system also provides graphical and analytical reports to analyse the school performance.

Do school management software incarese efficiency and productivity

Latest School Management Software Trends

To get a more efficient and effective school process, the best school management system has come up with more modules and features. By 2024, school management software will entirely transform the way schools and educational institutions operate. This year's schools are more technologically advanced than any other in history, thanks to cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge school software solutions.

  • 1. Institute mobile app

    With the help of Institute mobile app software, school administrators carry out all the responsibilities without any obstacles. It gives school management to gives run the school quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • 2. Information tracking

    The school management system has all the functionalities and features like information tracking. Cloud-based software allows school administrators to easily track the massive amount of information.

  • 3. More integrations

    The school ERP software manages the daily operation like income, stock, attendance, communication and more. To make the school running process faster, NLET provides integrated school management software.

  • 4. Better decision-making

    Apart from assisting school management, the school ERP also helps stakeholders to take the right decision with analytics and reports. The software gives overall insights to management to streamline the school processes.

  • 5. Improved analytics

    Analytics is the primary function of school management. Implementing features like analytics in admission, fee collection, finance helps schools to track the accurate the right information.

  • 6. Advanced reporting

    With an online school management system, graphical and analytical reports are a must. It builds trust between school management and parents.

  • 7. Complete automation

    The school management system provides complete automation in the overall running of the school. The software for school makes sure the school produce better results with increased productivity.

Size of education software market worldwide

Challenges while implementing School Management Software

It can be difficult to choose than implement the school management system because different educational institutions have different needs. Firstly, understanding your school need is the most important part of every school. When implementing the best school management software, you can have a look into the following issues.

  • A school management system can be a major investment for many schools, so maybe they can’t afford it. Challenges overcomed by using school management software
  • For schools, finding the best school management system that can meet all of their needs can be a challenge.
  • One of your primary concerns when implementing an ERP system in your school is making sure that all of the data is properly uploaded.
  • To efficiently use the school software, the biggest concern is to get proper training and assisting of it.
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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here we’ve shared some of most frequently asked questions about school management software.

NLET is an all-in-one school management system for managing institutional and academic activities such as online admissions, fees, teacher payroll, examinations, classroom, bulk data management, storage, library, course and batch management, student enrollment, assignments and much more.

NLET is a cloud-based, user-friendly school management system with 60+ modules that also offers customization as per your school requirements at an affordable price.

You don't require any software to run NLET. It's a cloud-based school management system that's supposed to make day-to-day school operations easier.

Yes, we have an in-house team of excellent designers and developers so NLET can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your institution.

We aim to keep the school's data safe and stable. NLET ensure full privacy for school data without any unauthorized access. As data is saved in the cloud-based system, it is entirely encrypted.

NLET is always here to assist you whenever there is any need. You can reach out to NLET experts at any time via phone call, email, chat, or by submitting a ticket on the NLET CRM. NLET experts have technological capabilities to assist you in any way possible, including WhatsApp support, on-call support and training can be arranged over the Any Desk, Google Meet or by Zoom.

Yes, Integration such as Biometric, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Payment portal, and GPS monitoring integration can all be conveniently integrated with NLET School ERP.

Our pricing system is split into parts. To learn more, visit our cost calculator page. Aside from that, there will be one-time payments for the biometrics. For those who go for any other integration, they need to pay

Yes, you can have a deeper understanding of our NLET’s features and functionalities with a free demo trial. Our demo account is available for some days at no cost. Give it a shot right now!

Yes, you have the option to update your package at any time.

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