Turns tedious HR tasks from hire to retire in just a single click

From recruiting to hiring to deploying, everything is managed with NLET HRMS.

NLET’s Human Resource Management System

The NLET HRM software aims to collect all information from individual employees in a centralized manner so that it can be conveniently assessed whenever the requirement occurs. The human resource management system helps to manage all the day-to-day HR tasks like recruiting and onboarding of employees, managing employee data, leave management system, and payroll.
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Why NLET HRMS essential for your business?

Transform the way you manage HR process


With NLET HR software's increased productivity, reduced time on redundant tasks, and efficient automation of complicated workflows, a large number of businesses are implementing it in their operations.

Completely customizable

NLET HRMS allows you to modify change laws, quit rules, income tax declaration rules, and compensation structures to suit your company's needs.

Employee Management

With HRMS, your employees can submit leave requests, log leave balances, upload records, and review business policy from their cell phones or laptops.

Better time utilization

NLET HR software has automated the majority of time-consuming HR activities, such as handling employee records, saving documents, publishing work positions on web portals, and monitoring employee results.

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Core Modules

NLET HRMS is a great platform that thoroughly controls the overall management of the HR activities. It helps to log in to the system and to have full access to their employee records at all times. We provide one of the best human resource management system that enables administrators to manage recruitment to hiring process activities in a manner that determines efficiency, cost-savings, and ingenuity.



Performance management

Absence and leave management

Payroll Management


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Benefits Of HRMS

Some of the key benefits of HRMS are as follow -.

Streamlining of Processes and Work-flows

From the recruiting process to the retirement process, NLET HRMS does everything for you. The system streamlines and automates the overall process of HR to save the time and efforts of the administrator.

Reduces Paperwork

With the aim to improve efficiency, NLET HR management software put an end to paperwork and files in the organization through automation of manual and repetitive tasks.

Payroll System

Compared to the paper-based system, Payroll management software manages the entire lifecycle of the payroll operation without any human-error.

On-boarding and Employee Self-service

Automating the process of payroll enables the employees to perform many job-related activities to reduce their workload and increases efficiency.

Data storage

Eliminating the bunch of papers, files and ledgers, NLET HRMS can maintain and update a huge amount of data in just a couple of minutes which can be operated at any time.


There are various softwares out there, NLET HRM system provides top-notch modules with the number of features at a very affordable price.