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Effective Digital Wall Solution

Transform your wall into a professional digital advertising to market your product and services. NLET digital wall solutions make it possible for businesses to effortlessly share alerts, emergency notices, announcements in the workplace.The digital wall is essential for promoting essential information to a wide number of people.
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How Digital Wall Solution is beneficial for your organization?

Reach your target audience with our creative, innovation and informative solution

Multi-User Access

NLET provides a multi user platform with individual roles and access control to users. It helps the admin and other users to operate the system without losing full control.

Multi-Screen Support

The digital wall solutions facilitate businesses to share the content across the multiple screens as per the requirement. The admin can control every screen with the same login.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting are two main essential features of the digital wall. It allows the user to analyze which display content performs better.

Low cost

Simplifying your business operations in a cost effective manner is everything that your business needs. NLET web-based digital wall solution provides many rich features at a low cost.

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Core Modules

Get real-time, relevant, informative and magnificent content with NLET Digital Wall Solution. It is a simple, efficient and extremely customizable system that provides a complete content management and digital advertising solutions.

Screen Management

Media Management

Simplified User Management

Hassle-free Scheduling

Data Analytics

Flexible designing layouts

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Benefits Of Digital Wall

Explore our most popular features

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration gets much easier when the system allows admin to send updates with just a single link directly to the board. It is a modern way to keep your employees updated and connected with the business.

Employee empowerment

The digital wall is also used to display employee achievements and appreciations that encourage an employee to make them feel that their efforts matter.

Better information

From the digital wall, it is simple for the admin to update and manage the content in just a few clicks.

Higher Growth

Simple more eyeballs mean more customers are attracted to the product and services that help in business growth. With the impactful digital wall, you can attract more target audiences than any advertising methods.

Additional Opportunities

No one likes waiting in the queue, digital wall solutions display the pinpoints of product and services so visitors and customers can find the required information by themselves.

Increase purchase

Displaying the relevant information, freeing up employees from other work, boosts business performance.