School Integration to manage Attendance Payment

From Sending SMS, Monitor attendance to track real-time bus location, provide a secure payment gateway, we do it all for you.

NLET Institute ERP Integrations

NLET is a fully integrated, configurable, and school-wide automation system for educational institutions built on the most cutting-edge and advanced School Management Software. The numerous plugin modules assist in automating the day to day tasks of administrators, teachers, and students that improves overall performance of the school. It keeps educators and students connected and allows learning to begin uninterrupted.
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Why Integration Matters in School?

These are the reasons that you should look for integration in school management software

Improved Data Accessibility

Data accessibility for individuals in institutions is made possible with the aid of system integration. This helps in decision-making at all levels, which also saves time.

Better Communication

Integration improves connectivity between parents and school. It enables administrators and faculty to quickly exchange information to the students and parents.

Improved Productivity

Rather than focusing on the day to day tasks, system integration saves time and efforts of teachers and administrators by letting them focus on other complex tasks.


From biometric attendance system to online fee payment, sending emails to sms, tracking bus location to connect through messenger, it does it all for you.

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Nowadays there is a range of school management software on the market that can help you handle the entire process of school to reduce the time and efforts of the administrator and teachers. Integration with the school management system provides an all-in-one solution by automatica mark attendance, sending sms, tracking your vehicle locations, sending emails and effectless pay fees and many more.


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Benefits Of Integration

Some of the key benefits of integration are as follow

Integration makes online payment easy

Paying a child's school fee is becoming a headache for the parents. Payment Gateway Integration with NLET allows parents to pay payments online at any time, anywhere.

Track staff and students’ attendance

NLET’s Biometric Integration eliminates the chances of proxy attendance. It allows the administrator to keep an eye on the attendance and store data in just a click.

Automate the information sharing

It is vital to have a Whatsapp Integration in your school to exchange relevant information and updates among students, administration, parents, and teachers.

Tracking vehicle location than ever

With NLET’s GPS integration, parents and faculty can watch the location of school buses in real-time. It ensures students' security when travelling to and from the institution.

Sending email with any hassle

The NLET Email integration allows the institute to notify and inform users about future or current activities in real time among parents, teachers, and students.

Makes communication more effective

NLET SMS integration is one of the most cost-effective ways of sending and getting updates to many people at the same time, whether they are students, teachers, or parents.