Educate and notify your student with Digital Notice Board

Get real-time, relevant, informative and magnificent content with NLET Digital Notice Board.

Digital Notice Board Solution

Now announcements are much easier with NLET Digital Notice Board. It uses high-resolution displays to effectively transmit announcements, warnings, emergency notices and other important information to everyone on the campus of your school or university. It notify and engage students in common areas, labs, libraries, cafeterias/food courts, sports centres, conference halls, and student housing.
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Why choose NLET Digital Notice Board ?

Top-Notch digital notice board solutions to be proud of


Keep your students aware with NLET digital notice board solution. The system is designed as per the user requirement so that it can easily be personalized.

Project Support

With our expertise and experience we always assist our clients from starting point to closure, and after that too. We are always here to assist you during overall process.


We provide training for our users to easily get hands on our product. With any prior knowledge you can quickly understand them with our assistance.


If you require any assistance throughout the overall process, we also carry out more modification or provide technical support through email and phone.

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Core Modules

Modify the way you teach your children. Digital notice board is an excellent tool for educating students in a better way. The system helps educators to replace outdated interactive projectors and start with interactive touch displays. It helps teachers to get students engaged, involved and take part in the learning process.

School-wide notifications

Event announcements

School policy reminders


Local advertisements in campus

Class scheduling updates

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Benefits Of Digital Notice Board

Some of the key benefits of having Digital Notice Board in your
school are as follow

Create informative

Digital notice board is a process of sharing informative and relevant content. The content is designed to grab the attention of students and staff members quickly and effectively.

Make change in content anytime, anywhere

There is no need to take time out of your schedule. No matter if you are in or out, you can change the content of a digital board at any time or from any corner with just a tap.

Wayfinding for new students

From using printed maps to digital wayfinding, notice boards make it easier for the new students to learn about the surrounding, and building according to their comfort zone.

Student teacher appreciation

Having a digital notice board in your school can be used to appreciate students-teachers to enhance their relationship with school. It also encourages them to do their best at school.

Create content to
get notify

Digital notice board solution simplifies the day-to-day tasks of the teachers from sharing notes, lesson plans, and to-do reading lessons for the students at the last minute.

Reduce burden of

This simplifies the day-to-day tasks of the teachers from sharing notes, lesson plans and to-do reading lessons for the students at the last minute.