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We help you in having the right amount of stock, in the right place, at the right time with any efforts.

Online Inventory Management System

A well designed inventory management system software provides a centralized platform to manage your stock. Having a NLET inventory management system helps you in keeping tabs on current stock levels and analyzing what is required on time.
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Why NLET Inventory Management System?

Some of the unmatchable reasons are listed here.

Increased profitability

With the ability to simplify core market processes, activities such as controlling stock, reviewing lists across all selling platforms, and handling orders can be completed more reliably and effectively, at lowering costs and increasing profits.

Increased productivity

It saves countless hours just by automating all the manual tasks that are required to manage the stock. Manage stock, order and dispatching with a system maximize the productivity and growth of the business.

Avoid stock-outs and excess stock

Now it is easier to maintain and manage the exact amount of inventories of your business to have an idea about the stock out and extra stock.

Quality management

The NLET Inventory management system identifies and tracks various activities that occur throughout the complete process of stock to ensure better quality management.

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Core Modules

With the advanced features and smart modules, NLET Online Inventory management simplified the way you manage your stock. The system ensures that there are no chances in stock-outs and excess stock in storage. It streamline and automate the entire process from stock ordering to billing management.

Inventory Tracking

Transfer Management


Order Management

Reporting and Analytics

Billing Management

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Benefits Of Online Inventory Management System

NLET Online Inventory Management System contains many advanced features, some of them are as follow-

Inventory Optimization

Manage the right amount of inventory at the right place without worrying about the under or over stocking.

Grouping material

Grouping inventory into categories ensures that you will always be updated with the specifications and components of your stock requirements.

Mobile support

You can Manage your processes with just a single click. It enables you to keep an eye on your stock availability to experience rise and fall in the demand.

Reports and analytics

Analytics tells you what the actual performance of your business is. NLET helps businesses with simple and accurate reporting and insight of your business.

Stock Notification

It enables businesses to send SMS and notification as well as promotional messages to their targeted clients. Sending notification to their consumers increases save time and efforts.


NLET Inventory management system allows the company to generate professional quotations in the blink of an eye with just one touch.