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School Management Mobile App

Save your time and efforts with a robust NLET school management mobile app. It lets administration, parents, teachers and students connect with their school at any time, anywhere. The smart app streamline all the administrative and faculty tasks to ease administrative hassle, enhance productivity and manage teaching-learning activities. NLET mobile app is a one-stop solution that acts as a bridge between teacher and parents.
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Why NLET Mobile App is beneficial for your school ?

Everything you will ever need to manage your school

Increased Efficiency

School erp mobile app is everything that your school is ever want. It helps students, teachers, and administration to get things done faster, without any hassle of managing paperwork.

Reducing the gap

All community and staff can easily be connected with the mobile phone application. It reduces the gap between administration and staff to help them in communicating with each other at any time.

Highly secure

It has no room for any unauthorized and malicious accessibility. It is a completely reliable and safe platform for everyone to manage their day-to-day activities without any stress.


With the NLET school management app, everything can be accessed in your preferred language. The app supports multiple languages to make it understandable for every user.

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Core Modules

The NLET School Erp Mobile App arrives with all the functionality on your smartphone. It keeps students and parents up-to-date with the latest news, circulars, enrollment, classroom assignments, homework and more school activities. It is a fast, easy to use, and time saving school management mobile app to stay updated with your school.





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Benefits of School ERP Mobile App

Some of the key benefits of School ERP Mobile App are as follow

Simple & Easy to use

School ERP mobile app is the best solution for managing the school. With the range of features, it’s easily and simply manage all the operations of the school.

Instant notification

This is simply the best feature of the institute mobile app. Administration, staff, students and parents can receive notification and important alerts instantly on their phone to be up-to-date with day-to-day school activities.

All-in-one solution

To reduce time and efforts, it enables administration, faculty, teacher and students to manage school related tasks through the mobile phone in just a few clicks.

Effective student-teachers interaction

With NLET mobile app any information that has to be passed can quickly be sent through single text. It allows students and teachers to submit their query at any time.

Marking attendance in single click

Taking attendance and registering it in files is a complicated process, the app allows administration and faculty to easily mark the attendance in just a click.

Multiple account access

Besides the parents, even the teachers and administrators have their login access to take attendance, view timetables, send messages, receive important notices and many.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here we’ve shared some of most frequently asked questions about school management software.

The smart app lets administration, parents, teachers and students connect with their school at any time, anywhere.

NLET Mobile application is being actively used by more than 200 schools in all over India & Counting.

NLET is always here to assist you whenever there is any need. You can reach out to NLET experts at any time via phone, email, chat, or by submitting a ticket on the NLET CRM. NLET experts have technological capabilities to assist you in any way possible, including What’s app support, on-call support and training can be arranged over Any Desk, Google Meet or by Zoom.

Yes, parents can assign complaints to any teacher with just a few steps.

The all-in-one app streamline all the administrative and faculty tasks to ease administrative hassle, enhance productivity, manage teaching-learning activities and improve parent-teacher communication.

There is no cost for the NLET mobile app. It is a free app with a number of features and functionality.

With the NLET Mobile App parents can stay connected with schools’ activities and engage in their children's education. They can also learn about school policies, fees, and test schedules, as well as apply their child's leave application online and many more.

We aim to keep the school's data safe and stable. NLET ensure full privacy for data without any unauthorized access. As data is saved in the cloud-based system, it is entirely encrypted.

NLET School mobile app is very much useful for teachers in many ways - 1)Teachers can upload homework details along with submission dates. 2)They can easily contact the student’s parents from time to time for their child’s work performance. 3)They can easily manage the syllabus in a single app. 4)They can also update new information which parents and child can see in the form of notification.

Students can download their syllabus, lesson notes or other study material, and view their assignment planner. They can also join classes and contact their teacher or other classmates.

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