Why your company needs a CRM Software

Posted by - Admin July 26,2021

Needs of CRM Software

Did you know that the customer relationship management (CRM) market is expected to grow in size to $43.5 billion globally in 2024?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests, CRM technology enables you to create and maintain meaningful customer relationships. This tool automates every day operation to manage sales and marketing activities, manage the collaboration between teams, reduce the barrier to enhance customer support services, and simplify time consuming tasks to increase productivity

Features of right CRM software 

1. Manage contact with ease:

Get detailed insights about contacts in your database, whether they're marketing leads or sales leads. Create marketing ideas and campaigns that increase engagement and lead to conversions. With customised engagement, prepare your sales teams with right information to complete deals quicker.


2. Pipeline Management:

CRM systems can handle your deals and pipelines for you, giving you real-time visibility into the deals you're working on and the state of your pipeline. It has a centralized view of all your deals, sorted into different stages and organised like a pipeline.

3. Automated Data Entry:

Right CRM software lets you automate all your data entry to simplify time-consuming tasks. From capturing prospect mails to sending follow up mail, it manages everything to let you focus on the important part of the business. 

4. Email Management:

When you do most of your work through your CRM, it's vital to know if any of your prospects have reacted to the right emails or not. Integrate email to create, design and deliver emails to reach your prospects at the right time. Switch in to spend less time in navigating to another application and focus more on sales and revenue. 

5. Sales Automation:

Bringing together everything in your sales process becomes easier with CRM. Including sending out invoice or payment reminder mails, crm software automates every task related to the sales process. From creating tasks, appointments, reminders, it manages everything. 

6. Marketing Automation:

In marketing, there are many tasks which are done on a repetitive basis. Like setting up a chat campaign to capture the page visitors details to know what they’re looking for, understand visitors behaviour to categories leads accordingly and many more.  

7. Insightful Analytics and Reports:

It’s important to have a comprehensive report to measure your performance or to improve it. Having complete customer data makes it easier to generate sales and marketing reports. Using crm lets you create different types of reports. 

8. Omnichannel Engagement: 

The best CRM works as a one stop solution to engage with leads, prospects, and customers across many channels while using the same platform. Powerful CRM solutions provide a variety of communication channels, including as-

  • Phone

  • Chat

  • SMS

  • Whatsapp Business

9. Mobile App

Stay updated and connected with your customer whenever and wherever they want. Create, manage, and track the progress of deals at just a fingertips. It lets you send and read mails, check in and check out from the meeting, and many more

Benefits of CRM Software

We understand how difficult selling can be. When your team uses multiple tools to close a deal, things get a lot more difficult. 

Save your time, stay organized, and access deeper sales insights with a single, all-in-one software like NLET CRM:

1. Enhanced customers experience:

From capturing the leads to deal clouser, everything can be tracked by CRM. Having a right CRM solution makes your sales process more effective by helping you to identify the quality leads, and customise their interactions with tailored campaigns and messaging.

2. Accelerate your conversions:

Since a CRM acts as a single source of truth, every team member and customer interacts in one place. It eliminates the chances of inaccurate information or endless back-and-forth. Not just sales team - every team data can be accessible at a fingertips, whenever and wherever it is needed to personalize customer engagements.

for example, NLET CRM has:

  • To prioritise, place, and record calls from the CRM, and then log those calls with the associated contact information, using call tracking.

  • To ask questions and FAQs, there's live chat and a chatbot builder.

  • Email tracking allows you to see when prospects read emails, automate email marketing campaigns, and send sales follow-up messages at the right moment.

3. Automate your task:

From sending prospects to the next phrase, sending follow up mail, using the right CRM system can boost your efficiency and productivity by workflow automation or overall sales process. 

  • Follow-up communication

  • Email sequences

  • Sales workflows

  • Conversations with chatbot

  • Assigning a lead to a representative

  • Campaign for lead nurturing

  • Analyses of campaigns

4. Analyze Marketing Impact:

CRM lets you analyze the success of your marketing campaigns and generates high-level and comprehensive reports to  make decisions on where to focus your efforts better. This also allows you to identify the area of possibilities to create better customer experience. 

5. Provide Seamless Experience: 

Being centralized software, CRM lets your sales and marketing teams track all the customer data and insights to plan personalized strategy to provide a seamless experience to clients. 

Having information at your fingertips helps you provide fast, smooth, and tailored experiences to your customers, which leads to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

6. Easily sync and share data:

The CRM software becomes a one stop solution for your sales and marketing process that your business wants. With ease, it automates and streamline your time consuming tasks like data syncing and sharing. 

In doing so, your data and interaction, your team can access accurate information at their fingertips excently when they need it. 

Grow your business with CRM 

If you're finding it hard to manage sales, marketing, and customer relations? we are here for you. 

NLET CRM software is a tool that offers everything you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, and measure sales performance. It enables you to help the company have a unique and streamlined experience for its customers while building personal relationships, allowing you to better understand their needs and requirements and provide them with tailored services.

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