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Managlamayee basically works in crafting Exclusive poshak, transfer work, embroidery sarees, traditional ari work, Danka Sarees, Heirloom Sarees, Revival for the Royal families Since 1911.

Mangalmaye always strives to express gratitude for the crafts and its craftsmen by preserving, creating, and recreating poshaks with the same finesse.


Mangalmayee came to us looking to clearly showcase their traditional art to more people and enhance product discovery. With royal Rajputi dresses to list and information about their craftsmanship to display, a new website was required. 

To build an online presence of their royal brand, Mangalmayee sought out the skills of our wordpress development team to help them build websites.


With a lot of information about their tradition and customs, our team incorporated this into the design of the website.With a series of steps, our main objective was to perk up the website in a way that properly reflects their traditional art legacy of making poshak. 

We created a website to take things to the next level and enable the brand to increase their customer reach, and a whole new level of online presence was built.


Mangalmayee was a difficult but rewarding project because we were able to strengthen their product cataloguing, which has undoubtedly resulted in a stronger online presence.

The Mangalmayee website feels royalty and as luxurious as their poshak. We were able to use wordpress and CMS to deliver custom experiences to different regional audiences, and create a powerful 'Why To Buy' functionality to drive conversions.

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