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Mayank Jain

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"Mayank Jain is an entrepreneur, digital marketing and social media strategist, Marketing consultant, He helps individuals and businesses in improving their sales by digital marketing and provides the ultimate one-stop solution for every digital marketing need, that will boost sales with the knowledge of digital marketing.


Mayank Jain is one of the leading digital marketing consultant, specialising in helping individuals and businesses in improving their sales by digital marketing. 

He reached out to NLET Initiatives LLP with the design and build of a new website to increase the number of leads from all over the world. The client also wants Facebook chatbot integration. 


Initially, we conduct market research to help put a focus on the target audience and to help in generating more quality leads and sales. 

As a result of teamwork, we ended up with, a new fully integrated website along with a Facebook chatbot integration that lets their audience easily navigate all through a beautifully designed and intelligent website that allows them to explore and access all listed courses.


We work closely with Mr Mayank Jain where we share ideas and make recommendations to improve their business’ visibility across the web to drive results through the brand new website. Aside from looking, our hard work helped Mr Mayank Jain to increase leads and generate revenue.  

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