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It's an exclusive online store where you can get exceptional to one-of-a-kind jewellery for the ladies out there. By wearing the exquisite jewellery collection of Plus91 jewels, it feels like fascination has become a reality. 

Plus 91 Jewels began in 2015 with the idea of centralising jewellery on an online store and satisfying women's requirements with a single click.


Plus 91 Jewels need comprehensive website design and a more unified vision to improve their online visibility and bring in new customers. They wanted to raise brand recognition and gain more in-store traffic, while also making it easier to maintain their website.

The purpose only reflected the product range, but also needed facebook chatbot integration, offer page. account creation & add to cart with order tracking.


For Plus 91 Jewels, Team NLET created a stunning website with a clean, elegant look. Large and vibrant colour images were included in various areas to represent Plus 91 Jewels' products and give the site a positive, cheerful feel. Payment gateway integration was also implemented for enabling the customers to buy jewellery no matter where they are.

The add to cart, and Facebook chatbot integration, offer page. account creation & order tracking features were also added so that product addition, purchasing would not require any hassle.


Keeping this goal in mind and staying true to our client's vision, Team NLET successfully finished The Shree Ram Expo website. It was a difficult but rewarding project because we were able to strengthen their online brand awareness, which has undoubtedly resulted in increased revenue.

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