School Management Software Endorses NLET Initiatives LLP at GoodFirms

Posted by - NLET Team, March 15,2021

School Management Software Endorses NLET Initiatives LLP at GoodFirms

Working with a mission to take education to the next level with digitization endows NLET Initiatives LLP to accelerate amongst the top school management software listed at GoodFirms.

View the NLET’s GoodFirms’ profile to know more about its software features, pricing, and other specifications.


About NLET Initiatives LLP


Incepted in 2017 and headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan – NLET Initiatives was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Mayank Jain and Nitesh Saraswat. These people came forward with a vision to give a world-class experience of education to students. NLET enabled schools, colleges, institutions, and the general public to use the facilities like portable smart classes, campus management app, online exam practice platforms, and many other things. These facilities help teachers and institutions to curate and design their syllabus, test, etc. for their students. NLET is a web development company acting as a bridging gap between clients and their businesses, respectively. Besides this, the company is also a digital marketing services enterprise in Jaipur. It provides practical tools for the clients willing to digitize their business.

What Makes NLET Unique?

School management software is a tool especially proposed to enhance the paperless management of institutes and academic organizations. It is consisting of different modules that guide the teachers and staff in maintaining school documents, academic records, and other vital school data. The efficient school administration system functions as a unit for the distinct departments and can be retrieved from any place. Web-based school supervision software is the best way to manage a classroom in a powerful, timely, and structured way.

The following are the features of the NLET – school management software that makes the company unique, amongst others.

  • Institute Management: The main aim of the school management system is to improve the workflow of the institutes by automating repeated duties. With this software, schools can handle different verticals such as institute management, guests and safety, gate-pass generation, and many others.

  • Teacher Management: This module helps to allocate courses to educators in school management software. It plans timetables and also guides the faculties in creating lesson plans.

  • School Information Management: Any institution must preserve the students’ and teachers’ data. This module aids in the process of applications, students’ registrations, classroom divisions, and in distributing examination entry cards.

  • Student Management: With this module, the administrator and parents can get the complete details about the particular student.

  • Exam Management: Examination is a tough task for most institutes. Thus, this module includes the calculation of the validity of the test, the creation of a query, and an assessment of results.

Likewise, there are many other robust modules of the school management software, which are indeed very helpful to the schools for managing paper-less administrative tasks.

Ergo, with all of the management systems’ robust modules, NLET Initiatives LLP gets dubbed as one of the best school management software amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.


About GoodFirms

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