Social Media Marketing Ideas To Connect With Your Audience

Posted by - Avni Bardiya, June 28,2021

Social Media Marketing Ideas

As the social media landscape is evolving at such a rapid pace. It's nearly impossible to imagine running a business, not even a small one, without a strong online presence. So, it’s vital to stay up with the latest trends every year to ensure that your strategy continues to be effective.

Are you not sure what to do to grow your business? But, how can you do it without spending lots of money or spending every waking moment to develop a social media strategy? You can boost your online presence with the assistance of the best social media marketing company. Before that, it’s time to evaluate the current social media marketing strategy to figure out what works and what needs improvements.

Here's a closer look at the year's key points and how they'll affect 2021 to allow you to make the necessary changes to your social media strategy.

Top Social Media Marketing Ideas

1. Prepare a list of what social media channels are bringing you the most traffic:-

To make a list of, log into your Google Analytics account and click on the links to follow this sequence: Acquisitions – All Traffic – Referrals

After analyzing the most referral traffic to your website. The next step is to evaluate what social media channels your target audience chooses. Rather than spreading yourself across several platforms and providing low-quality content, it's better to focus on two or three and provide high-quality, engaging content on a consistent basis.

2. Plan for publishing your content:-

No matter whether you’re trying to increase your Instagram likes, your YouTube subscribers, or you’ve implemented social media KPIs, mapping out your social media content before a day, week, or month. 

Providing content on a consistent basis, Make it a habit for your audience to expect receiving specific information from your business pages to win engagements.

3. Reels, stories, stories:-

If you’re not sharing content on reels and stories, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities for your business. With the new features, reels proved as a new growth hack. Have a clear goal in your mind and introduce yourself and tell your story on Instagram stories and reels. 

Scroll down your social media feeds and see what your competitors, brands are doing and if you notice any trend, jump on it to advertise your brand.

4. Create mind-blowing visuals:-

It probably comes up with no surprise that crafting a seamless visual experience should be your first priority.  When it comes to designing images or videos, how your ads look matter a lot for customer engagement and interactions. 

If a user sees a clear, well-designed, aesthetic effect ad image ending with an appropriate landing page, increases the chances of gaining more leads.

5. Host successful ask me experience:-

The concept is such a magical format that first gained popularity on Reddit under the names AMA and ASK ME ANYTHING, then followed by the other social media platforms to connect with their audience with what they want to hear from you. 

AMA format is a growth hack for business because AM sessions can boost engagements and promote transparency that leads to creating a trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

6. Keep track of trending topic:-

Jumping on what is treading is better than creating your own. One of the easiest ways to go with the trend is to follow any social media marketing expert who is already a trendsetter. While you have a limited amount of opportunity, hop on-trend leads to generate lots of traffic and revenue. 

Stay away from political or potentially sensitive topics, just advertise your brand in the right way. 

7. Poll your audience:-

Now, no need to stalk your customer to find out what they like or what not. 

People on social media usually love to share their interests and passion. If you randomly stop someone and ask to survey they wouldn't be interested but if you ask them on polls, you will receive an overwhelming response. A simple question-based post can make your strategy a win.

8. Respond to your follower:- 

Customers want their voices to be heard, responding to them should be your first priority. It makes them feel that their time is extremely precious and responding shows that you care.

Whether it’s just a hello or someone asking about your offerings or just feedback about your company, relying on them is speaking about your brand values and how much your customers matter to you. 

Wrapping up 

If you’re tired of applying the old strategy and haven’t tried them, just give a shot at these social media marketing tips to see how it helps you grow your online presence. These powerful tips can make your social media marketing more effective.   

If you’re having trouble improving your business visibility, our Social Media Marketing Company ensures you see higher quality content, more relevant followers, and more creativity on your social media channels to boost results and drive traffic to your website. 


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