Benefits of Attendance Management Software

Posted by - Admin November 06,2021

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

Most schools, colleges, and educational institutions have a routine in which the teacher takes attendance before each class period, it happens several times throughout the period.

At the beginning of every lesson, students must submit attendance, even if the classroom is virtual.

Keeping track of school management software is beneficial to teachers since it allows them to monitor student tardiness and absences. As a result, schools are better equipped to prevent dropouts by knowing what proportion of children attend school every day on average over the course of a year. When this information is shared with government officials, they can develop programmes to keep children in school and prevent truancy.

Manual attendance systems, on the other hand, have numerous drawbacks.

  • It is a time-consuming process

  • Lots of paperwork to be done

  • Increases the teacher's efficiency while decreasing classroom instructional time

  • Counting attendance has a high potential for human mistakes.

  • Numerous ways for students to manipulate the system.

Manually keeping track of attendance has always been a tough and time-consuming operation. Numerous methods for tracking student presence have emerged throughout time. A Student Attendance Management System is the most popular of them.

What is the Importance of Attendance Management Software?

There's no need for pen and paper attendance any more thanks to the Student Attendance Management System. From a mobile or desktop device, teachers can monitor and track student attendance data with this module. It's entirely automated with RFID device integration since students may scan their digital ID cards in front of an RFID reader, and their attendance is entered into the attendance management module automatically. As a result, teachers don't have to waste their important time registering students' attendance.

Attendance management feature to help track tardiness and early dismissals. On a school mobile app, parents can keep an eye on their children's leave requests and see attendance records. Allows teachers to focus on teaching and learning rather than administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time in the classroom.

Schools can no longer function without them, as they make it easier to retain correct records in a shorter amount of time.

Need of Student Attendance Management software in School

Student attendance management systems are using in schools to streamline the process of collecting student attendance data. This is only one of the many reasons why schools should use a student attendance tracking system.

1. Attendance Monitoring In Real-Time

A real-time student attendance management system helps to keep track of and save attendance data. Pupils and faculty can use the system to keep track of their own attendance, as well as the absences and absences of their colleagues and students.

2. Automate The Payroll Process

The payroll process becomes more efficient and automated if the payroll administration software is linked to the attendance management system. One glimpse at the absences and leave records enables the school's HR department to make payroll simpler.

With the use of school software, payroll errors are reduced. The HR team is less likely to make payroll mistakes because the biometric system determines the correct working hours and holidays.

3. Absence of Proxy Attendance

The use of proxies, buddy punches, or tampering with records is commonplace in many schools, particularly in the upper grades. Faking attendance is nearly hard with a biometric/RFID system equipped with an attendance module because each individual's biometric information is unique.

4. Instant Notification To Parents

Integration of the student attendance management system with biometric data allows schools to track attendance and absences. One of the benefits of the mobile app is when a student misses a class, the system can send an automated email or text message to the parent about the child's absence.

5. Enhanced Security at the School

A student attendance management system with biometric software ensures that only students and personnel who have valid biometric credentials can enter the school. ” Parents can also be notified and visitors can be tracked if the school notifies them about their presence while classes are in session.

Key features of Attendance Management Module in School Management Software

NLET's attendance module can be integrated with an RFID card or Biometric device, allowing students and staff to record their attendance. They can log in to their daily attendance using an RFID Card or their biometrics, such as their fingerprint. 

Here are some of the key features of the attendance management module in NLET

Integration of biometric data

NLET Student attendance management system provides much integration like with Biometric and RFID devices, allowing daily attendance to be automated. This saves valuable classroom time.

Attendance can simply track in several ways

Full-day, half-day, weekly, monthly, or even subject-wise, the NLET student attendance management system allows the school to track staff and students in a variety of ways.

Keep an eye on latecomers and leave requests

In the best school management software, latecomers are noted in the system. It also permits the approval of unscheduled absences. As an example, if an employee needs time off due to an emergency, they may request it through their

accounts and their reporting manager will be aware and can approve or deny it immediately.

Mobile App for Attendance Tracking

Attendance is traditionally recorded in front of the class by the teacher. The Mobile App enables faculty to monitor attendance from any place.

Easily Manage the employee Attendance and Time Off

Teachers and other school employees can also use an attendance management system to keep track of their own schedules. Automated wage calculation at the end of each month streamlines the management of employee attendance, punctuality, and 6leave requests.

Comprehensive report

It's simple for the school admin team to compile student and staff attendance reports in NLET because all attendance data is maintained in digital form.


The digital revolution has made attendance management solutions like NLET a necessity in schools around the world today. As a result of their various advantages, they are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions.