Best School Management Software in Jodhpur

Posted by - Admin April 08,2022

Best School Management Software in Jodhpur

School management software is a prime way to manage your school in the most effective method. All the school's activities, resources, and information can be managed from a single location. Efficiency and productivity are greatly improved, and as a result, a great deal of time is saved, thanks to online school management.

It does everything for you, from keeping track of employee attendance to generating reports. As a result, parents can keep track of their children's progress and avoid mistakes by eliminating the use of pen and paper. Also, it saves the school a lot of money by shifting the staff's attention to something more critical.

Features Of Best School Management Software

The software isn’t just beneficial for the schools in jodhpur but for students and for parents also. Here are some features of the school management system we have gathered for you.

Features for school

  • Registration

The school software is a highly competitive arena when it comes to registration and scheduling, where enterprise solutions with registration modules compete with numerous standalone registration solutions for schools seeking to alleviate specific pain points. A coarse grid or portal, calendar integration, email templates, or a proprietary messaging system are all common features of registration solutions.

  • Fees Management

Despite the fact that most schools already use accounting software, the ability to track fees and accept online payments is extremely helpful when creating invoice templates, keeping track of outstanding balances quickly, and easily distributing bills. Calculating late fees, keeping tabs on cash flow, and accepting payments just got a whole lot easier.

  • Staff Management

School ERP software makes your staff management easy. It distributes the work and keeps the record of incentives accordingly.

  •  Attendance Tracking

This system helps the school to reduce the proxies of those students who are absent by keeping track of their attendance. Instant messaging is a great way to inform parents of their children's whereabouts.

  • Online Discipline Recorder

The most efficient way to manage a school is to use a cloud based school management system to track and report on disciplinary issues, as well as to generate reports this can become a good method of comparison and can be used to analyze the whole performance of discipline.

  • Publishing Result

Another feature an educational institution gets is the scheduling of exams and along with it, you can also post the result. By utilizing this you can eliminate the factor of using paper. This will save the money allocated for papers. 

Features For Students 

  • Assignment

Students can get their assignments over their mobile or over their laptops. This will not stop them from studying. Also, the student can submit their assignment online all thanks to the software. They will be able to get grades automatically according to their performance. 

  • Library Management System

Today's students expect their schools to have a cutting-edge library management system to provide them with the resources they need. This is something that library automation systems can help with.

Students can use a variety of custom search options to easily find, search for, locate, issue, and return their textbooks. People who use the system will be able to keep track of the books they've checked out from the library and even place items on hold or request them.

  • Result

Students will get updates regarding their exams and results through the use of the System software.

Features For Parents

  • Exam Details

Parents can see the scheduled exams for their kids. And also the school management system will make it easy to check the result of the exams. By this, they can go through all the results and check the marks of each subject their child has got. 

  • Attendance Details

It is possible for parents to check on their children's attendance using the software. In addition, the app notifies the parents whether or not their child is present in the classroom. 

  • Upcoming Schedule

Parents can check the homework that has been assigned to their children through online School ERP Software. It also allows them to double-check the comments and suggestions made by the teacher on the child's homework assignment. The software will inform the student whether or not the homework was completed on time. 

This software even provides parents with continuous updates on fees, examinations, and other important information.


Everything is automatically and digitally in today's world. For both businesses and educational institutions, digitization of work is essential. Using online software is the only way to accomplish this. 

Additionally, schools will be better able to keep track of important information. Schedule a free demo with the best school management software in jodhpur - NLET.