Guide on Exam Management Software

Posted by - NLET Team, June 14,2022

Guide on Exam Management Software

Exams are important to measure the students' knowledge, and their evaluation is necessary for them to go to the next level. Tests were typically administered in a classroom setting, with online exams reserved for competitive or entrance exams. The Covid-19 outspread defied stereotypes and compelled everyone to switch to online learning.

Nowadays, online exams replace moderator-supervised exams. After the wave, education systems realized the need for an examination management system to cope-up with the changing nature of exams and apparently online learning. NLET, a leading name in the ed-tech industry is continuously enabling the education sector with its wide range of products. If you are still lagging and hesitating about adopting an online platform for school exams, then this is the perfect destination for you!

What is Exam Management Software?

It's a module of school management software for managing many parts of exam administration. It uses a full software suite and proctoring technologies to organise, invigilate, evaluate, and replicate offline examination systems.

During the Covid-19 rollout, the online examination management system proved to be a boon to all stakeholders in the education system. With the support of new technology, the enhanced system allows for the performance of scalable and remote-based tests.

What are the types of Examination? 

Different types of test management systems are available on the market, depending on the educational institution's needs.

  • Exam-only systems that give an online platform.

  • Exam System that provides both an examination platform and proctoring services

  • An examination platform, proctoring services, and an evaluation service are all included in this comprehensive package.

What are the advantages of examination management software?

Experts conduct extensive study and analysis before creating each piece of software. School examination management software, like other software, is built on three powerful pillars:

1. Assessment Platforms

This provides a comprehensive test system that comprises a controller, administration, and faculty setup, all of which provide useful inputs. NLET's Online examination management system exam platform includes the following features:

  • It enables to upload bulk data of student applicants, proctors, and assessments.

  • Instead of spending your time slotting applicants, focus your efforts on more productive duties.

  • Students receive an auto-invite with the exam date and time.

  • The papers will be evaluated without bias, thanks to confidentiality.

  • The method allows for the generation of automated question papers, which saves time and ensures privacy.

  • The system generates a question paper using auto-randomization, which enhances validity and efficiency.

  • Long answers, graphics, and multiple-choice questions can all be included in the question paper. Students will be evaluated in a variety of methods as a result of the diversity.

2. Prevent Cheating

Exam cheating is not uncommon, but NLET is likely to have a no-cheating integration that makes your system completely secure. The algorithms used in the school examination management software ensure that the software is accurate. It has the following features:

  • Allows for both manual and live invigilation.

  • Thorough candidate verification.

  • Proctoring based on artificial intelligence finds questionable instances right away.

3. A Perfect Examiner

The ultimate goal of the future-fit system is to provide a comprehensive and unique solution for school examinations. NLET not only helps with examinations but also with its simple evaluation solution. An examination management system is an excellent tool for assessing all types of tests. It benefits the stakeholders by allowing them to:

  • Provides clear visibility for the submission of response sheets.

  • Allows you to create various reminders for unfinished tasks.

  • There will be no more waiting for student results.

What are the features of NLET Exam Management Software?

Let us elaborate on the features provided by the system after understanding the significance and foundational pillars of the school examination management software-

1. No limitations for various boards

When the country joined the globalisation wave, the education industry was prepared to welcome several boards such as IGCSE, IB, ICSE, and CBSE and raise educational standards to new heights. NLET included the many cultures of educational systems in the programme, ensuring that it meets the needs of the school board. 

2. Customized report cards

Each institute's report card format and criteria may change. They usually give a sense of the institute's subject. NLET exam allows instructors to choose and print single or several templates, allowing for total personalization.

3. Digitize your complete process

This is the key component of NLET's school management system, which allows for the digitalization of educational processes. Exams and assessments can be taken online using the examination management system. It fixes faults in the manual exam method and provides a reliable alternative. Question papers are generated right before the test and are available to authorised students for a predetermined amount of time. The scalability of the tests may be increased or shortened according to on the requirements by restricting resource utilisation to a single machine and a stable internet connection.

4. Enhancing Communication

There won't be any communication gaps because all parties involved—students, professors, and administrative staff—use the same test administration software. You can send auto-notifications regarding key test updates and set up a variety of reminders using NLET. Updates about impending examinations can be sent to students or parents by SMS or email.

5. Safe and Secure

The most worrisome aspect of any programme is its safety features. Exams must be conducted without any safety leaks because they are so important in academic life and the education industry. To ensure that only users with permission may access the content, NLET has linked the test administration software with cloud-based security. The system is safe because of role-based users and login-based access.


Allow NLET’s exam management software to save your time and efforts. Let the software's features evaluate your kids without fail, the quick turnaround will reduce waiting and worry. Reduce the administrative staff's burden during the busiest test season and assign them to other productive jobs to enhance your company's reputation. With NLET's exam management software, become an active participant in the first-ever mainstreaming of the online examination system!

Let us assist you in providing a digitalized education and preparing your next generation for the future as part of our commitment to digitising schools.


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