Importance and benefits of School Tracking System for student safety

Posted by - NLET Team, November 12,2021

Importance and benefits of School Tracking System

What is School Tracking System?

If you want to know the exact location of an object, person, or another thing that you want to track, the school tracking system is the best option. The software uses the most advanced GPS technology to accurately locate the object and ensure that it is updated in real-time.

How Does School Tracking System For student safety?

Using an institute mobile app and a school bus tracking system, parents and school administrators are given continual information on the vehicle's location. All that is required is a GPS-enabled school management app or tablet with the school bus tracking app installed on it.

What is the importance of the School Tracking System For student safety?

One of the primary responsibilities of schools and school transportation companies is to protect the safety of students and to ensure that students arrive and depart on time for school. GPS school bus tracking means that the school bus administration team gets all the up-to-date information about the location of the bus, driver activities, and the vehicle. Schools and parents both benefit from this system.

Here are some of the key benefits of using School Tracking System for student safety:

1. Ensure the ability to track and access real-time location

A school bus equipped with a GPS system may be tracked in real-time. In this way, both school administrators and parents can monitor the location of the school bus at any given time. When the bus departs the school grounds, a GPS tracking system sends alerts to parents. They may also track the bus's whereabouts via an app, keeping them updated on any detours or traffic delays that may occur.

Any time there is an issue with a school bus arriving, the app promptly alerts both the school and parents so that there is less stress for everyone involved. These kinds of events, such as field trips, sporting competitions and school picnics, can benefit from this feature.

It's an excellent tool for the school to make use of in order to keep students safe on the way to and from school.

2. Ensuring that drivers take responsibility for their actions

As a result, parents rely only on the school management software and bus drivers to get their children to and from school. That's why schools need a system where bus drivers take responsibility for students' safety, as well as their vehicles' maintenance.

Drivers and bus attendants know that they are under permanent real-time monitoring thanks to the school tracking system. This system has a limitation on the driver's freedom of action.

School bus drivers are also held responsible for things like being on time, making the necessary trips, and using the appropriate amount of gasoline.

Additionally, school administrators can be alerted whenever the bus is moving. Every time the engine is turned on, the school bus tracking system sends an alarm to the school transportation administrator. This safeguards the school bus from being misused or mistreated.

3. Observe speed limits and comply with traffic regulations

School bus drivers and school bus passengers are routinely accused of breaking traffic laws, which is a problem that many schools face. Speeding and violating signals are regular complaints from school bus drivers, many of whom are under a lot of stress to get to their destinations on time.

As well as real-time location information, a school tracking system for school buses lets the school monitor other logistics, such as the bus's speed and routes. The school management system for school buses provides evidence of driver misconduct in the event that the driver denies excessive speeding or deviating from the school bus's route.

Because the school bus can be remotely monitored, this assures that all students on board are safe.

4. Reduce wastage of resources and time 

Schools have a limited number of busses. To avoid wasting time and resources, schools must guarantee that the school buses are properly maintained. The adoption of a GPS tracking integration for school buses significantly improves efficiency by monitoring the buses and thereby saving expenditures. School administrators can track bus routes over a period of time to get a better idea of how much time and money is spent on each route.

They can look for less time-consuming and less fuel-intensive routes using this information. Shorter routes not only save time and money for the school, but they also reduce the amount of time the buses are sitting idle. This helps the school save money in the long run.

5. Better scheduling by considering possible delays 

The school buses are frequently delayed due to traffic bottlenecks. Parents who have to reschedule their schedules due to the new drop-off or pick-up times sometimes find themselves stressed out by the delays. The parents must also call the school to find out why the timetable was pushed back and to receive a new one. Schools have to spend money on this but parents can track the school bus in real-time and know if there are delays in the bus arrival. 

When a bus breaks down, parents are alerted through text messages or phone calls. Real-time tracking can also be used to reschedule critical tests, exams, or assemblies in the event that school buses are late to arrive at the school. In this way, the youngster avoids any intellectual or cultural losses that they may otherwise suffer.

To sum it up,

There are various benefits for both schools and parents to use GPS monitoring apps to keep an eye on their children. In order to ensure the safety and security of kids, every educational institution should use school management software with a school bus management module.

NLET provides a school transportation management module that not only tracks the school bus in real-time but also administers the whole fleet management system from a single platform for the school.


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