Why Every School Needs Online Examination System?

Posted by - Admin August 31,2023

Why Every School Needs Online Examination System

Exams bring stress and anxiety not just for students, but also for school administrations. Conducting exams requires extensive planning and management of activities like setting papers, printing, distributing question papers safely, arranging invigilators, scheduling, evaluating answer sheets, processing marks, and declaring results. The manual execution of these tasks demands significant time, effort, and resources. To address these challenges, NLET offers an advanced and robust Online Examination System, designed to streamline and simplify this complex process. In this article, we discuss the examination management software and why every school needs an examination management system. 

What is an Online Examination System?

Online Examination System refers to a comprehensive technology solution designed specifically for automating and streamlining the end-to-end examination process in schools and educational institutions.

Such software aims to ease the conduction of exams for schools by centralizing and simplifying bulky manual processes involved in activities like paper setting, test scheduling, admissions, online test conduction, answer sheet evaluation, result processing, and report generation. This is a comprehensive part of school management software. It acts as an integrated platform that schools can use to digitize their entire exam lifecycle.

Reasons Why Every School Needs Examination Management System 

Simplifying Administration

Managing school exams can be overwhelming, consuming valuable resources like time, effort, and paper. Multiple administrative roles are involved in ensuring a successful process. However, by adopting NLET's school online examination system, these challenges can be eased. The system reduces the workload for you and your team while maintaining 100% efficiency. Most tasks are automated, allowing staff to focus on more productive activities.
Furthermore, specialized supervisors may not be necessary, thanks to camera-based monitoring that deters misconduct. A single teacher can oversee an entire class during exams.

Smooth Process Flow

Managing exams involves many steps that can complicate the process. Additionally, these steps are often interconnected, making them reliant on each other. NLET's online exam management system simplifies these complexities as much as possible, making them easier to oversee.

For instance, manually creating question papers usually demands the subject teacher to review the syllabus and select questions topic by topic.
They need to allocate marks, structure the entire paper considering total marks, and determine the importance of each chapter. These challenges can be eliminated with online examination software. It automatically generates question papers based on specified criteria, reducing the complexity of the process significantly.

Reliability and Accuracy

Exam seasons often come with reports of mistakes in questions or incorrect question papers. When humans create question papers, there's room for errors. NLET's school online examination system can completely prevent these errors. It also reduces the risk of question paper leaks, making your institution more reliable.
Moreover, online evaluation beats manual systems due to automation and speed. Online evaluation of answer sheets achieves rapid assessment and high accuracy, outperforming traditional methods.

Time-Efficient Solution

If you were to ask teachers or staff how much time they spend during the busy exam period, you'd be surprised to hear estimates of 2-3 hours beyond their regular working hours. Tasks like syllabus preparation, question paper creation, seating arrangements, and evaluation demand significant time. Additionally, students often wait for months to receive their results as teachers assess each answer sheet, calculate marks, share with class teachers, and then prepare the final outcome.

With an online exam management system, time is saved considerably. Automated question paper creation and link sharing reduce time spent. Moreover, paper evaluation is fully automated, sparing teachers from the burden of manual assessment. Computers can swiftly evaluate and declare results right after the exam, eliminating the need for students to endure lengthy result waiting periods.

Informative Reports

Educational institutions require various reports to make informed decisions for the future. These reports include class-wise, teacher-wise, subject-wise, and division-wise data, which are submitted after each exam. Accurate data is crucial for effective analysis. Reports prepared by humans might contain errors that could negatively affect decisions.

NLET offers schools an online exam management software that equips you with both standard and customized reports. This empowers you with reliable data. Swift data retrieval enables quicker decision-making based on accurate information.

Environmentally-Friendly Approach

A significant amount of paper is often wasted in producing question papers, answer sheets, and report cards, negatively impacting our environment's greenery. You can choose an eco-friendly alternative by partnering with NLET. Implementing an online exam system can make your exams paper-free. Students can access question papers on a computer or tablet screen and submit their answers digitally. This eliminates the need for paper and printing. This approach conserves resources like money and effort. Additionally, every year, schools accumulate papers that serve no purpose after results are declared. This can be avoided entirely. 

Enhanced Transparency 

Instances of exam-related problems, such as leaked question papers, mistakes in result announcements, and ineffective re-evaluations, have been quite common. These issues can seriously affect how people view your institution and may lead to reduced trust. You can distinguish your institution from these problems by adopting an online examination management system.


Implementing an advanced Online Examination System like the one offered by NLET can transform exam management for schools. By automating bulky manual tasks and introducing efficiency, reliability, and transparency to the examination process, schools can focus their efforts on imparting quality education. The technology solution ensures smooth operations during the stressful exam period. Contact us to book your free demo now!