Why every school should go cashless in fee collection?

Posted by - Admin March 03,2022

Why every school should go cashless in fee collection?

It is necessary to manage the fees of the school correctly. Fees are the primary source of income for all educational institutes. With this income, they are able to run all the operations smoothly. If the fees management is not proper then it will directly impact the school’s operation.

To solve the problem of time-consuming and school can run smoothly NLET designed the all in one school management software. In this system, schools can perform various tasks.

If we look at the traditional method of fees collection then it is very tyring and time-consuming. In this method, parents have to bring cash to school and have to stand in the queue. 

Sometimes schools have the collaboration of the banks. In this situation, parents have to go to the bank for fee submission. And we all know that going to the bank is so time-consuming. For depositing the fees, parents have to stand in the line of the bank.

In the digital method of fees submission, parents don’t have to go to school to deposit the fees. They can easily submit that from their home. And it is possible only when schools have a system that accepts fees online. This is possible only with help of the best school management software.

The school ERP software helps in operating a school at home. This system not only helps in managing fees online. It also helps in managing other administrative tasks online.

With the help of software for school, school administrators can make the admission process online and can conduct the online examination. This school software also gives the facility of transportation management in which they can track the live location of the buses. Library management is also available in this software.

Needs of the online fees management

The school management system is designed to solve the various tyring tasks of the schools. In it, fees collection is also included. This online fees collection method makes the life of all the people who are connected with fees deposition easy. 

In this fees deposition system, parents can get notification regarding fees due. And schools are not required to maintain the register for fees collection. They can manage all the records online. Also, they are not required to remember the name of students whose fees are due. This all-in-one school ERP software will automatically send notifications to parents. This notification sending regarding fees is a very useful feature of this system.

And the mobile app of this software for school gives full access to the school admin of managing financial data of the students. And the finance department of the school can check the data at any time. 

When does the school need fees collection?

With the school management software, schools can make the rules of fees collection for the following fees. They can do this according to their requirements. Maybe it is annually, half-yearly or quarterly.

  • Academics fees

  • Registration fees

  • Field trip fees

  • Transportation fees

  • Exams fees

  • School meal fees

  • School uniform

  • Library fees

  • Lab fees

  • Security money

  • Hostel fees

Advantages of cashless in fees collection?

• Easily Accessible

If schools implement software for school then parents are no more required to stay in the line of fees submission. This school management system gives various methods of fees payment. Like a debit card, credit card, UPI, NEFT, net banking and many more. All these methods are easily accessible at any time.

• Handle various fees collections

We have discussed above when schools are required to collect fees. So if schools use the traditional method of fees collection then it will consume a lot of time of teachers. Because it is quite difficult to maintain the record of different-different fees payment. 

But with the help of all in one school ERP software, schools can easily maintain the data of submitted fees.

• Can send a reminder message to parents

This is one of the best facilities given by school software. In this facility, the financial department can send fees due message to parents.


We have discussed the above fees management, the advantage of fees management and when schools need to collect fees. So from that you are probably clear about the needs of that fees management system. To save the time of your school staff and parents it is important to implement the best school management system.