Benefits of Timetable Management Software

Posted by - Admin October 27,2021

Timetable management software

The replacement for a manual timetable isn't that difficult to find, given how everything is becoming digitally oriented. NLET is a one-stop solution for digitising your schedule.

The NLET Timetable module creates a timetable for you automatically; all you have to do is input the usual data. NLET school management software offers an automated solution, but you can customise it to suit your needs. People believe that making a schedule is a simple undertaking. However, in practice, it might be a difficult assignment for educators. NLET simplifies a difficult process for teachers and students alike by offering a timetable that works for every teacher in the school.

Save Time

Making a schedule is a difficult undertaking that takes a long time to complete. NLET timetable modules, on the other hand, offer a simple option for the school. NLET schedule administration requires only the entry of a few pieces of fundamental information before a timetable is generated. The use of NLET software speeds up the time it takes to generate schedules. You'll get better results in less time if you use this NLET timetable management.

Reduce Human Errors 

There will always be errors in a manual system since they are caused by human error. The NLET timetable management system generates the schedule automatically, reducing the likelihood of errors. Using NLET Software, you can see if the schedule has errors.

Management of Proxies

Teachers are just like the rest of us, and because of this, they may be away from school unexpectedly, even though their lecture has already been set. There are many benefits of a timetable management system in the educational industry. NLET's school management software gives the school access to proxy management tools at that moment. When a teacher isn't present, the school can easily assign the class to another teacher as a substitute thanks to proxy management. Any alterations to the school's schedule notification made by the administration will be automatically forwarded to all other teachers.

Easily Customizable 

The management of the timetable can be readily changed to fit your school's new policies. It takes the school only a few minutes to make any timetable or proxy-related modifications.

Associated with the academic year

The school calendar can simply be integrated with the NLET timetable system. As a result of all of the school's activities on certain days (such as national holidays, state holidays, school-sponsored events, exams, and so on), a timetable is not required. It's easy to connect the NLET timetable system to the school calendar and have it generate a schedule on days when one is required to be used. As a result, routine days and holidays do not conflict.

Optimal use of available resources

NLET's timetable system makes it simple to distribute teachers between the many classrooms. It is also coming up with a school mobile app, so the overall timetable management is just done in a few clicks. 

Highly secure

A key feature of NLET school management software is the role-based permission and privilege system, which gives users only what they need. Strict privacy and confidentiality laws protect the data from unauthorised access and misuse.

Easy to use

The NLET timetable management system's user-friendliness and ability to be utilised by anyone with no knowledge of mobile or computer devices is a notable advantage. You won't have any problems using this school software.

Payroll management 

In past days, the payroll was calculated by hand, and it would take hours to do it for each teacher. NLET School Management Software, on the other hand, makes calculating payroll a snap. The timetable management system offers complete visibility into a teacher's upcoming days, days off, and lectures they'll be taking. On the basis of the data, the work of calculating payroll has been made simpler. So, errors become quite rare.


NLET school timetable system keeps track of the days when each teacher is absent, present, and half-days worked correctly. Using this data, the correct payroll can be generated. These payrolls can be counted using only human resources. Manual processes have a significant probability of error, and schools nowadays can count absence days and incur a financial loss as a result. As a result, the school saves money by using the NLET school management software with many integrations

Goodbye to paperwork 

A digital schedule solution is provided by NLET's school software. When using a manual timetable management system, you'll have to write down key information like lecture notes for different classes, teacher availability, and absent days. When there are so many documents, it's not only difficult to keep them organised, but it also poses a security concern. As a result, the NLET timetable software reduces waste by eliminating paper and safeguarding data.


When it comes to timetable management, NLET School Software is a great option because it can be digitally adjusted for the school and other universities. As you can see on our website, NLET School Management Software contains a number of special features.

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