Timetable Management System in Educational Systems

Posted by - Avni Bardiya, March 15,2021

Timetable Management System

Every education system needs to maintain a timetable, which is basically the schedule about which activity or subject is to be taught at that time. This process is actually tough and time-consuming. Timetable Management System will actually help schools in better scheduling and proper management.

The timetable management system helps managing faculty, student and timetable database. The main objective is easy scheduling and feasibility which can improve the current system for maintaining the data of the school management.

Is it Secure?

The timetable management system is actually very much secure than the basic traditional technique used as it can be changed and modified only by the administrator.

Moreover with this software reduced or no manipulations can take place as managing data digitally create the authenticity of data and it is not easy to make changes in the digitally stored data.

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Why is The Timetable Management System Needed?

Today the need arises with the increasing complexities of maintaining data along with the continuous increase in the information to store in the database, that’s where the timetable management system was developed.

The timetable management system holds some amazing features which are as follows:

  1. All details can be accessed at one touch, as timetable management applications are also available on the internet, where you can access all lessons to be taught, what the student needs to carry next day/which all subjects will be taught.

  1. Easy holiday and event planner calendar, students and parents can pre-plan their holidays and can know in advance when are the exams or any special classes/sessions. 

  1. The timetable can be easily changed or rescheduled with this software, it is easier to take a reflex action to situations.


Some other benefits of a timetable management system are that it helps solve chaos and even helps administration for better management of the faculty, one can also prioritize tasks as per the requirement.

One of the major features is “Scheduling” things becomes so much easier with this the time table management system as all the hard work and manual feeding or the filling of heavy registers can be completely removed from the line of tasks, and a super-easy method of scheduling can be done through the timetable management system.

Beneficial for whom

Here rises a question that who all are the users of the Timetable management system and who are the ones who can be benefitted from this software.

We have the answer with us, almost everyone who is in relation with schools is benefitted from this be it the school administration itself, as their work and scheduling become super easy and comfortable, then comes to the students as they can always be updated with what they will be taught the next day in advance( no need to carry each and every book or stationery every day), also beneficial for the parents of small kids, as they can well-prepare their kids in advance for the coming activities or classes.

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Why should schools use timetable management software?

We have a valid reason for schools to use the timetable management system, as the software can be customized according to their needs. The schools can actually update their data as to how many branches they have, on which locations, what all subjects are taught and in which languages.

Good for ecological health

The timetable management system is also a leading hand in protecting our environment, as it helps prevent the usage of paper ultimately leading to less cutting of trees. Managing school affairs with paper and pen was a tough task which actually required a huge number of resources in terms of paper, but because of this software, the requirement of paper will reduce to 90% in schools.

Easy to Use

Automated notifications to students about special events, half-days, and other school activities. The other most important feature provided by the Timetable Management Software is that it is super easy to use, even If someone does not have basic knowledge of computers can also use NLET School ERP and enjoy the timely updates.


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