Best School Management Software In Sikar

Posted by - Admin June 03,2022

Best School Management Software In Sikar

The school management software for schools in Sikar has not been at its best. In Sikar, NLET is doing its best to solve the current school situation as part of the Digital India effort in the city. We are pleased to announce that we will be providing valuable services to schools through Sikar, Rajasthan. 

We choose the best platforms, techniques, and strategies for school management. And deliver exactly everything you need, on time. Our technology and low-overhead operations ensure that your school receives cost-effective enterprise-level solutions.

NLET designed and developed school ERP software with a strong desire to change the way university/college/school administration and communication work. NLET, with its incredible and amazing features, has the potential to change your university/college/school as well. We kept the price as low as possible. Because we want all educational institutes in Sikar to benefit from the features. And it is the same for every educational institute.

Key Features Of NLET School Management Software

  1. Online Admission

Enrolling students in schools/colleges is a tough work for school/college administration on a yearly basis. The students are interviewed or given a written test. With the approval of teachers, principals, and interviewers, a list of the selected candidates is created. The names of the selected students are screened into a new sheet and forwarded to various departments that will initiate the admission process, such as accounts, stationery. 

Such work can be reduced to insignificance by school software that provides convenience and relaxation for a lifetime. NLET is a one-of-a-kind software that can manage different functions of school admin and classroom management on its own. 

It starts with the Admission module, where the operator enters all of the student's necessary information. The entry made by the operator can be seen as by multiple users. Those who have been awarded user rights by the administrator to perform various admission tasks. As a result, the extra required documentation time is saved.

  1. Automatic Attendance

Every student and teacher will be given a personal ID. That will be linked to NLET’s school management system. The ID's purpose would be to take digital attendance of both students and teachers present at school. The time saved by eliminating manual roll calls allows for longer periods of instruction.

  1. Online Examination

The best aspect of software is the online examination software. The use of this application via the internet is a popular method for taking tests. You only need a desktop, laptop, or smartphone to administer online exams from anywhere. Even from the convenience of your own home.

This can be done in two ways: at a test center or at home. Candidates in remote learning can use the school management system from their own phones while sitting in their own homes. They don't have to waste any of their valuable time traveling to and from the center, which is a huge benefit.

To conduct exams in this manner, schools, universities, and other institutions need not spend money on exam centres, invigilators, or security. All you need is a webcam and a microphone.

  1. Time-Table Management

Setting up a class routine in a school/college with multiple classes/sections/streams every year is a difficult task. Unfortunately, teachers and administration work hard to align class/section/stream schedules with teacher schedules. The operation is complicated because classes generally exceed the number of teachers in the school/college, and it is mandatory to attend all classes during the day. 

Keeping the preceding issue in mind, NLET developed highly advanced software for school management that will use AI to organize class schedules for both schools and colleges.

  1. Digital Result

For decades, the results communicated to parents were always a quantitative assessment rather than a qualitative assessment of the wisdom and education that the students would have integrated during the learning period.

The pressure not only creates a stressful situation for the students. But also causes them to have a negative attitude toward learning. It can lead to practices like rote learning and copying during exams, which are both counter-intuitive to a student's healthy learning experience.

This has fueled demand for the school management system. An online result management system that makes sure students not only receive accurate and mistake free results. But also provides feedback on all classroom activities, including assessments, daily homework, and extracurricular activities.

  1. Library Management

An advanced library management system is critical for any educational institution. Because today's student needs greater access to resources. Students can use custom search options to search, check, detect, issue, and refund books. Students are also able to view their own library's borrowed books, demand books, renew membership, manage fines, and generate reports using the system.

As a result, the time spent individually can be significantly reduced. Look for features such as book recording, online reservations, search options, course library resources, and more in a school ERP software.

  1. Fees Management

Fee collection and transaction in educational institutes is a complicated procedure these days, with room for human error, making an already difficult task even more difficult. NLET offers software for school that is one of the most automated fee modules available. A complete solution for schools to automate their fee collection, scheduling, and reporting processes.

The module includes previous payment information, the ability to send automated reminders, and the ability to collect fees from parents via mobile app, web, and physical check or cash. The online fees software allows parents to pay their fees from anywhere and at any time.


Every school is embracing the software field. Without a doubt, there will be an increase in demand for such software. NLET believes in providing the best school management software in Sikar, Rajasthan that meets your needs and helps you run your school efficiently. The best part is that you can try our software for free before buying it. We are committed to maintaining the best level of customer service.