What is a Learning Management System

Posted by - Admin June 08,2022

What Is a Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that allows businesses and educational institutions to develop and manage lessons, courses, quizzes, and other training materials. The learning system enables firms to swiftly and efficiently distribute training materials to students and employees.

Let's understand it with an example of a school that wants to prepare their students for the upcoming exams. The school can use the course builder feature inside their LMS to create slides, flash cards, documentation, quizzes and certifications. When the course is ready, students can log in to their account get that content.

After finalizing the course, the students can complete the mixed quizzes or tests. If they pass those tests, they'll score a confirmation that convinces they're adequately prepare. And have the information necessary for their exams.

The school management software keeps records of all the one ends the course. Floor administrators can approach those records to visualize the one has gived the course and the one power need supplementary help or further preparation.

What Are The Modules Of LMS?

  1. E-Learning Standards

The capacity to exchange data with other eLearning software via eLearning standards compliance.

  1. Assessment and Certification

Pre-course exams to test employee knowledge levels in order to provide appropriate content. Digital or physical certification generate by the school management system. 

  1. Tracking and Reporting

Detailed reviews ought to be available, so each directors and inexperienced persons can view statistics of check scores. Administrators ought to be capable of generate specific reviews approximately general learner performance. Users can view their personal development and spot how near they're to their purpose of finishing the course.

  1. Social Features

Notifications, messaging, and discussion forums to encourage student participation and information exchange. Social components that are well-designed can boost learner engagement and course completion rates with the help of school ERP software

  1. MultiChannel Access

Learners should be able to access their accounts and course materials via desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

  1. Course Creation

Administrators should be able to create courses using the built-in course builder or import content from other platforms. Administrators should also be able to convert current PowerPoint presentations or text documents into courseware-ready material.

  1. Document Management

The best learning management system should let students and course managers to upload and manage documents. These documents could be course supplements, coursework, or anything else related to the curriculum.

What Are The Features Of LMS?

  1. Live Classes

In today's world, conducting online live classes has become commonplace. However, having it incorporated as part of a Learning Management System becomes critical when an educational organisation wants to do it efficiently with data records and analysis. 

To conduct live classes, NLET has integrated channels into the platform. We also provide a live class platform that schools and institutes can use to hold live classes. 

It's difficult to communicate about class schedules and manage attendance records while utilising free Zoom or any other platform. It requires a lot of manual labour for management to keep track of the progress of live classes taking place in the company.

It gets easier for professors to use NLET’s school management software, but it also becomes easier for students/parents to access schedules of live sessions and attend them successfully.

  1. Assignment

Teachers must create assignments with a deadline for submission and a format for distribution in order to manage effective assignment evaluation. It becomes tremendously simple and productive to have it as part of an LMS system. 

  • The assignment module in NLET is linked to the progress report module, which allows you to map assignment grades to generate reports on a monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly basis. Following COVID, collecting assignment work via App is becoming increasingly common among educational institutions.

  1. Exchange Of Content

NLET learning management system provide a creative way to share learning content in an organised lesson preparation mode that students can access easily.

  • Audio

Teachers can build audio courses with reference visuals and short information using audio flashcards. Podcasting is a brand-new form of learning. When compared to other forms of content development, creating audio flashcards becomes relatively simple. 

It is especially useful in disciplines where listening is the primary modality of instruction. It's being used for crucial short audio notes that can help with quick revision of the subject. It functions similarly to a music player. Listening is a great way for students to keep learning.

  • Material Sharing

Teachers can access learning materials and documents in an organised and effective digital learning library. Students can search for resources related to a specific subject or topic by using effective filters. Teachers can use the platform to convert handwritten or typed content into effective PDF documents that they can share with students from the school ERP software.

  • Online Test

For effective online teaching, online tests are just as important as content sharing and live classes. Even when classroom work is physically performed, it is an essential component of learning activities. Prior to COVID, many schools preferred it on physical paper. However, due to the effectiveness of online tests, they are becoming increasingly popular in all segments of schools and private coaching.

Our learning management system allows you to create question data banks in order to generate tests. It has the option of using a PDF document to share questions, making it simple to create a test in under 2 minutes.


Learning is important in life for continuous growth. Whether it’s for students or for employees. Online learning management software is a great software for developing and as well as for managing quizzes, training material, etc. For more, you can visit our website or you can contact us on 8058848888.