How NLET is the Best School ERP Software

Posted by - Admin February 02,2022

Best School ERP Software

Go beyond school software with a well balanced integrated solution that includes School ERP software with more than 60+ modules.

School management software (ERP) has now become a critical component of all types of educational institutions. It automates the day-to-day operations of schools and provides a 360-degree perspective of all of the tasks that must be completed daily from a single platform. However, deploying only School ERP is insufficient for the growth of an institute because it does not provide students with a holistic educational environment.

To fill this need, NLET comes up with many integrations, which is an integrated school management solution that combines ERP with LMS too. By utilising NLET, institutes can automate all backend procedures while also delivering high-quality education outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Teachers can develop bespoke courses in any sort of media format and then share them with students when their institution is school management software. As a result, students should have a well-rounded learning experience, and teaching-learning activities should be allowed to continue uninterrupted.

In difficult times like the current COVID pandemic, school management software systems make it possible for institution owners and leadership teams to manage their institutions from the convenience of their own homes. Remote management capabilities that are built into school ERP software's architecture by default allow for 24/7 login access by all users from any location with an internet connection.

ERP software for schools and colleges meant that the academic and administrative operations of the institution, such as fee collection, ran smoothly even when the campus was closed. Schools and colleges have followed other industries in embracing digital transformation trends, resulting in this success.

ERP Solution for Managing Institutions 

The term "online management" refers to the practice of controlling or operating a computer from a distance via the internet. Using school ERP software, the institution's day-to-day activities are handled remotely. Those in charge and teachers with specific responsibilities in the institution's day-to-day operations have special login privileges that allow them to do just that. Because of the school software's widespread availability from the cloud servers, institutions can operate without having to rely on the campus infrastructure.

In the past, software for software was installed on servers housed on the university's campus. In the COVID situation, for example, this would have been a problem, but it had its advantages. For an ERP implementation to work smoothly on campus, there must be a presence of competent technicians on campus every day, as well as an uninterrupted supply of internet and energy.

Cloud-based school management system tools for institutions have eliminated these concerns because the software can be accessed from anywhere at any time without having to worry about uptime and workload. When compared to traditional on-campus approaches, cloud technology has reduced the cost by several times.

Let's have a look at how NLET School ERP can help educational institutions: 

The NLET school management software has all the features necessary to run a school from a variety of locations. Principals, administrators, teachers, parents/guardians and management all have their distinct logins, each with varied privileges. It is possible to fine-tune and tailor the privileges allocated to each user, as well as establish new user types with unique privilege combinations.

Different user kinds can be generated and used to train other users once the implementation has been completed. It is only after the users have been onboarded and have mastered the basics of the school management system that the institution can be run without relying on the physical campus infrastructure.

The multi-school feature of NLET is another useful feature for remote management of the institution. NLET is the most popular educational school ERP software on the market because of its capacity to handle multiple institutions from a single platform.

With the school software, administrators have access to a centralised dashboard where all of their institutions' news and updates can be seen in one place. As a result, no two institutions are the same in terms of their operations. By adding or deleting plugins, payment gateways, etc., each institution can be customised to suit its own specific needs and preferences.

While the campus is closed, NLET's major modules allow thousands of users throughout the world to keep their institutions running smoothly:

  1. Online Admission 

  • With the support of NLET's online enquiry and online admission module, all stages of the admission procedure can now be completed online.

  • Requests for information can be made by filling out a contact us form on the school's website or by phone.

  • As a result of their selection, applicants can apply online through the online applicant registration module, which is also completely online.

  • Online payment integration is also available to collect application costs from applicants.

  • It is also possible for the admissions process to be coordinated between many users.

  1. Online Exam

  • The online examination module of school ERP allows several students to take examinations at the same time safely and securely.

  • Using this module, students can collaborate and participate from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Students will only be able to access the questions during the designated time slots.

  • Multiple-choice or descriptive questions are acceptable forms of testing. When using multiple-choice exams, the results can be displayed in real-time.

  • Editing, evaluation, and publication are just a few of the many options available in this module.

    Video editing, evaluation, and publication are just a few of the many options available in this module.


  1. Online Fees

  • Running an educational institution used to be hampered by issues with fees, collections, and administration.

  • Parents can pay fees via their mobile phones while sitting at home thanks to the widespread availability of digital networks and school ERPs.

  • Management and administration employees can also access all of the consolidations and reports immediately to aid in their operational planning.

  • Automatically, any refunds or payments that fail are sent to the payment gateway for resolution within a few days.

  • Parents receive alerts and messages on their mobile phones about forthcoming fee payment dates, so they can prepare to pay their fees ahead of time.

  • All of these improvements have made it easier than ever to run a business from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Attendance Automation 

  • It has always been feasible for teachers conducting the class to take and mark attendance directly from their school mobile app

  • If your school uses NLET's attendance module, you can track students' participation on a daily or subject-specific basis.

  • Subject-by-subject attendance in schools can be easily handled.

  • All attendance data is available to parents and senior management in the form of a report.

  • SMS or school mobile app notifications will be provided to parents if a student is missing.

  • Additionally, each plugin automatically retrieves the necessary attendance reports for use with grade books.

  1. Online Report 

  • Many reports are accessible in NLET to assist school and college administrators in their decision-making process.

  • The school management can access a wide range of reporting options including attendance, grade book, fee collection, and enquiry reports.

  1. School Mobile App

  • Thousands of parents have benefited from the NLET school mobile app, which allows them to access ERP's most vital functions from their mobile devices.

  • It has several features that make it easier for everyone to work together, even if they aren't on the same campus.

  1. Timetable Management 

  • NLET generates its timetables at the advanced start of the school year.

  • The accounts of all users, including parents and kids, are immediately updated with any modifications made to the timetable in the event of an emergency.

  • Various benefits of timetable management, such as those for schools and teachers, are linked together in a single background process to reduce mistakes and time wastage.

Best School ERP Software

NLET school ERP software, as you have seen, has all the characteristics necessary to enable school operations to be automated even if the physical infrastructure is not available on school or college campuses. Using the NLET ERP, you can run the school like a pro from the comfort of your own home with minimal training.

NLET school management software can be implemented on your campus if you contact us right away for further information!