How School ERP Software simplifies the admission process

Posted by - Admin October 14,2021

School ERP Software simplifies the admission process

The process of "admission" is the most stressful of the entire school process. To overcome this, use NLET's online admission management module to make your process smoother.

The current circumstance makes parents worried to enrol their children in school, and filling out an application on campus is taking so much time. In these modern days, school management software will help children, parents, and employees stay safe and function efficiently, as well as reduce paperwork for the schools.

The following are some of the most significant and vital points that will help with the management of online admissions

Hetric Work now becomes error-free

As a result of the admissions management system, the college or school has error-free data. As students fill out the data, the percentage of incorrect entries drops.

The admissions management system aids the student inappropriately filling out all of the required information during the application process. It alerts the user if any of the data entered is incorrect or contains a small error.

Online Admission Enquiry

Students who are interested in joining, first learn more about the school by filling out an "Online Enquiry Form" on the school's website.

No matter you’re running school or coaching, the ERP software simplify overall process. The enquiry form asks for some basic information about the kids. Students who have inquired about the group can be contacted at the phone number provided by the students.

Follow-up with Students Who Have Shown Interest

"Follow-up" service for students is one of its most important features. If the student does not register as a permanent student after submitting an inquiry, the school can take the students' follow-up.

Students or parents who enter a phone number on the enquiry form can get communications from the school. Personalized notes can be sent by the school, too, if that's what they'd like to do. Choosing the best ERP software in India, let you manage the admission process in just a click.

If the school wishes to reach students who have not applied for admission in the future, they can do so by contacting them via their contact number, which is stored in the school's database.

Filling out an Admission Form Online

An online admission form is integrated with the school's website thanks to admission software. Online admission forms are easy to use. Students can fill out the application form directly on the schools’ website or mobile app.

The basic fields for admission can be customized to meet the schools’ requirements. The school has the option to make certain elements mandatory or required, and they may also add new fields in addition to those already included in the application form.

Every time a student submits an application, the school is notified. Using a unique form number, the school can track down each student's information by just looking at the number on their form.

Transforming transient workers into long-term employees

Students who are unsure about enrolling can be designated as temporary and given a temporary number by the school. Once they decide to enrol, the students can be designated as permanent and given a permanent number.

As a result of this feature, the institution gains a greater understanding of the student body and can make more informed decisions concerning student admittance.

Students are checked for originality

Many schools use caste-based criteria to select applicants and choose which students will be admitted based on those factors.

A student's past merit marks and caste category can be used to eliminate them. For example, students who are picked, sorted, or rejected can receive customised communications from the school.

Prior to enrollment, students must take a test

The schools can administer the test ahead of time and then use the results to narrow the pool of applicants. One of the most important school management trends in 2021 is to identity the best students among all. There are no restrictions on the criteria an schools can use, they can use whatever criterion they need.

Entry with a Mark on Admissions Form

Afterwards, the schools can enter all the results into a database and use the information to select students for admission. This aids the school's efforts to track down exceptional college students.

School ERP Software can help digitise the campus and brand the school by allowing students to fill out the application form from the school's website, and this can also assist parents to learn more about the latest technological developments.


As the busiest component of the business, NLET offers an online admission management capability to help streamline the school's operations.

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