Key Integrations for School Management Software

Posted by - Avni Bardiya, May 17,2023

Key Integrations for School Management Software

Nowadays, every school is using school management software to manage an educational institution's procedures and operations. The school ERP software contains many integrated functions that benefit everyone in the school. School software is a secure, reliable, and all-inclusive tool that manages everything from admission to report card generation. To get quicker results and productivity, software solutions now become integrated school management software.

Teachers, students, parents, non-educational staff like administrative staff, and even the management or managing board of a school will benefit from the integration of a school management system, which is capable of a variety of integrations. Let’s understand the key integrations of a school management system that every school must have.

Here is the Top Integration in School Management Software

Many school ERP software providers offer various integrations to easier the use of the software. The majority of key features are provided in the latest school ERPs. Let’s see which are the most required integrations that you must choose in your school management software

1. WhatsApp Integration

The integration of WhatsApp into your school management system is a useful feature. You can simply communicate with parents, teachers, and other stakeholders by using it. Many people use WhatsApp in today's world. People are now more likely to connect using their smartphones as a result. Additionally, WhatsApp lets you communicate in many file formats in addition to text messages.

The school administrator can send and receive messages using WhatsApp once WhatsApp has been connected with your school administration system. The school can message staff and parents numerous communications as well as crucial documents such as student reports, notices of urgent holidays, reminders of fees, payroll information, a payslip PDF, Teacher proxy notification Timetable, attendance report for students, exam details, and results and so much more.

It can be used by school administration and staff to enhance interpersonal communication and enhance departmental collaboration.

2. GPS Integration

The school ERP's transportation feature connects with GPS technology. It assists in real-time bus tracking. The school and parents are informed that students are safe even while on travel with the help of GPS integration in the school software.

The school ERP management software is connected to the GPS units on every school car. As a result, parents and school administration can monitor the bus's current location from a computer or school mobile app.

The school mobile app and GPS integration enable school officials to make sure that the school vehicles follow the route they choose. They can use it to find out when the bus is stalled in traffic. The administration of the school can ask the driver to send the delay's cause after receiving this information.

GPS integration improves the safety of employees and students while they travel to and from school.

3. SMS Integration

The school management system can integrate with a bulk SMS provider, allowing management, teachers, and administrative staff to communicate with parents as well as students in real time. SMS alert messages that are reliable and delivered can also be set up by students and parents. Finally, SMS notifications can be configured to be sent out in bulk whenever events occur in the school ERP, reducing the need for human intervention.

4. Biometric Integration 

Biometric integration works together with the attendance management feature of the school management software. It is used to automatically record the attendance of every student and teacher. With biometric integration, school administrators don't have to manually maintain the attendance records of their staff and students.

With the help of biometric Integration students and staff can easily register their attendance using their fingerprints. Biometric integration requires a biometric machine that is placed at the school or class entry.

This increases the transparency of the teacher payroll process. For students, teachers will know when a student is skipping class so that they can alert the parents as well.

5. Payment Gateway Integration 

Payment gateway integration is used in schools to facilitate fee payment. It accepts online payments via UPI, online wallets, net banking, credit/debit cards, and so on.

Fee management tools in school management software enable school administrators to keep track of each student's fee payment. Parents pay their child's school fees directly with the help of the school mobile app and no longer need to bring cash or visit the school to pay the school fees. It makes fee transactions easier for the school management to monitor, and it increases transparency between the school and parents.

6. Email Integration

School management software can be integrated with email clients to send automated notifications to parents, students, and other stakeholders. With the help of this integration, administrators can send emails to students and their parents for events like impending school activities, changes to the academic calendar, or significant news. Additionally, it enables administrators to allow staff members access to the school management system so they can send emails.

NLET - Integrated School Management Software

The six integrations mentioned above are a requirement for any school ERP software. Now is the time to take advantage of the most recent developments and improvements that technology has to offer for the educational field. Selecting a school management system that facilitates integration will improve managing school tasks and the experiences of teachers, students, and parents. It will also make the learning process much more enjoyable for the students.

So stop wasting time searching for the best and choose NLET the best school management software, which is adopted by so many educational institutes.


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