NLET Online School Management Software: All you need to know

Posted by - NLET Team, February 28,2022

The main reason behind adapting Best school management software is to provide your school with better management software. Software that will help your school by providing higher efficiency and overall good management. Using school management software would increase your online registrations, make your fees deposition simple through online mode, and much more. 

But before going deep into it. You should know about the best school management system of NLET.

What is School Management Software?

Management software for school is a brilliant tool for managing all the school's administrative work without any trouble. It helps schools to manage and keep an eye on the school activities online that too on a single platform. 

This school software can help schools to reduce their workload and make their enrollment process easy. And teachers can monitor students' academic progress.

School ERP software is an advantageous software for schools as well as for students. Schools can take payment of students online. Parents can monitor their children's progress and students can have a proper form of communication with their teacher with the help of the school ERP system of NLET. 

Modules of NLET School Management Software

NLET has many modules, each module serves a different purpose. In this article, we will discuss some known modules.

  1. Trouble-Free Fees Management

School ERP system makes the collection of fees work easy and it is a digitized work. And generate financial reports for your school as well. This management system will create different types of fees structure for different types of events. Parents will also get notifications when the fees are due. 

  1. Online Attendance

This module of school software ensures the real attendance of the students who are present in the school. Using a 'biometric system' stops the wastage of time in the classroom and lets teachers focus on only teaching instead of carrying attendance in the old school manner. Also, teachers don't have to waste their time to find which student is in the class and which isn't. 

  1. Online Registration

The best school management system of NLET is the best way to make your registration process easy. This system will submit forms and keep the track of admission in a faster and easier way. All these functions are computerized so there's no chance of an error

  1. Exam and Result Management 

The primary focus of creating the school management system by NLET was that students would not lose their study for even a single day. So, even if for some reason school is close, it won’t impact on student’s exam. They still are able to give with the help of this software. 

Every student's progress will be monitored by the school management software, which will then produce the evaluation reports. Teachers and parents alike will benefit from these reports. Educators and parents alike can use this information to better understand their students' strengths and weaknesses. 

  1. Transport Management

School ERP Software not only focuses on the studies of the students but along on the studies it also focuses on the safety of the students. It allows you to track the movement of the vehicle with a proper transport management system. Parents will not worry about their kids as now they know the exact location of their kid's

  1. Inventory Management System

Keeping a record of the inventory is a hectic task. You have to keep eye on all of your assets. But with the help of NLET's best school management, it has become easy to maintain your inventory. 

Benefits of School Management Software

NLET's best school management system is helping schools and empowering them to increase their efficiency and cutting their cost on wastage. Having 60+ fantastic modules. the best school management has every features your school needs to operate effectively. 

  • Free Demo

NLET provides free demos to its customers. We believe in serving quality and focusing on making our customers fully satisfied. You can learn our top school software for free and then we can move to the next part. but the demo would give you the full experience of our software.

  • Easy Learning

We have designed our school ERP system in such a way that anyone can learn it without facing any type of difficulty. You can learn to use it even now matter how little knowledge of the software you have. 

  • Cost-Cutting

Real-time and accurate information about daily operations is provided by an information system. In order to come up with smarter, faster solutions, educational institutions can use all of the data that is available to them in real-time. These all make the school management system more cost-effective.

  • Successful Communication

Software for school work as a bridge between teachers, parents, and students. All can get information because of this software of NLET. and also those students who feel hesitation in asking questions in class now can communicate with their teacher without feeling shy.


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