Top Features To Consider While Choosing ERP Software

Posted by - Avni Bardiya, October 19,2021

Features To Consider While Choosing ERP Software

When it comes to educational institutions, schools' operations and everyday activities differ from those of schools and colleges.

Not in terms of the nature of the work, but of "complexity."

As a result, School ERP software that simplifies, automates, and streamline the daily administrative and non-administrative activities of institutions must be set differently based on the School's needs.

Do you ever think about Why Schools Need School Management Software?


If you are an educator who is ready to make the digital step and go fully paperless, there are a few things you should consider. The following points display the most important features to consider while selecting a School management system.

1. School Admissions Management System

One of the most fundamental, yet vital and challenging administrative duties is online School admission management.

From responding to students' enquiries to requiring e-brochures, to receiving online applications, handling online fees, and shortlisting the qualified candidates for final admissions – the online admission process is less time-consuming and labour-intensive.

It is critical for any School to do an accurate analysis so that "only the eligible" candidates get admitted, school software simplifies the admission process

As a result, configure the online School management system as a responsible instructor!

2. Fees Management System 

The following most important feature on the list is an online fee management system. You may argue that you already have software to manage your accounts and fees.

Why should you choose the best school management system?

"Financial fraud has increased as we have become more reliant on digital payments."

However, if you choose a highly secure cloud-based ERP for schools with role-based access, double OTP & password encryption, and a secure payment channel, the odds of fraud are nil!

3. Learning Management System (LMS) 

Isn't the ultimate goal of education to develop skills alongside academics and prepare students for a life-long learning journey?

However, given the popularity of online education, you may encounter difficulties. Some of the primary issues of online teaching and learning are as follows:

  • Organizing interesting teaching-learning sessions

  • Developing a skill-based curriculum

  • Online examination system – MCQs and descriptive assessments Interactive and innovative e-content

  • Supervising students' activities

  • Rapid evaluation, feedback, and interaction with students

You must use School ERP software that is connected with integrations and provides solutions to all of the difficulties.

4. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) 

Finally, the School management system must incorporate an HR system to manage general administration duties.

The HR department has been placed under some constraints as a result of virtual School management.

In general, they must execute the following tasks on a regular basis:

  • Data management for employees

  • Payroll administration

  • Management of leave

  • Payslip creation for PF, HRA, and DA

  • History of attendance

  • Employee deductions

  • Reports creation

  • Graphical and analytical report

With the digitization of educational institutions, the HR department must give special attention to the safety and security of the database, as well as the accuracy of calculations.

Mishandling sensitive or confidential information can have serious implications.

The institution's reputation may suffer as a result.

So, when talking with the ERP campus vendor, ensure that the school management software has the capability of handling HR work operations.


When it comes to school management-based ERP systems, teachers, students, parents, and administration all benefit enormously from the changes they bring. School Software offers good productivity and more accessibility.

NLET School Management System has various modules that should convince you to put one in place in your education institution. It will help educational institutions such as schools, colleges, coaching centres, and others run more smoothly and efficiently.

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