Guide on School Management Software

Posted by - Admin November 26,2021

School Management Software

The purpose of a School Management System is to assist educational institutions in providing a higher level of education. If you have school management software, you can control your school's administrative and academic activities from anywhere. As a result of using school software, admissions, online fees filing, attendance and other operations will be paperless and significantly more efficient.


The next part provides a comprehensive guide to assist you to understand the workings of the best school management system as well as its many advantages. You'll be able to make a better decision if you read the comprehensive guide.

What is a School Management Software?


A school management system can be defined as a single line integrated platform. It helps to manage the efficient running of your institution through digitization and automation of various academic and administrative operations. The software will play the role of a school data management system and allow you complete tasks involving bulk data management flawlessly and quickly.


The pandemic has changed the way the world uses to manage its daily activities. The biggest change has possibly been experienced by educational institutions. This is why schools need school management software.

Using online school management software is very useful to everyone. Using this, parents will be able to track their children's academic process. Teachers can utilise these tools to streamline the process of teaching online. When it comes to tracking online payments, the school administrator will have an easier time than ever before. As for students, they can keep in contact with their peers from any place across the world at any time of day or night.


By streamlining the administration of schools, it is possible to minimise the amount of work that teachers and students have to do, as well as to save money. All of these in best school management software helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of your school.

Online School Management software allows you to record data in a short amount of time. The programme simplifies the process of keeping track of registrations. It enables you to manage and modify data in accordance with your rules and policies.

How do School Management Software works?

This software enables students to enrol online, where they can see all of the courses and timetables that are available to them. Students who seek to obtain a place at your Institute will find this school software easy to use. This software also enables you to distribute admission forms to parents in a digital format and to increase the number of students admitted in a short period of time.

It brings together parents, teachers, and administrators, and it makes it simple for them to communicate with one another at any time.

Modules of School Management Software


There are a number of modules in NLET school management software. Different modules are served by each one. Some of the more well-known ones are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Online Registration Management: 


You can use this school ERP software to run the full admissions process online for the school. The software will make the process of submitting forms and keeping track of admissions much easier. This means the administrator can handle more forms and the odds of human mistakes will be zero.

Online Attendance Management:

Using biometric integration, this module of the school management system ensures 100% accuracy in recording student attendance. As a result, teachers don't have to waste time trying to figure out who is in class and who isn't. When using the NLET school attendance management software, all it takes is to generate accurate attendance records in a single click.

School Fee Management:

The School Management System Software simplifies the collecting of fees, automates transactions, and generates comprehensive financial reports for educational institutions. Employees would be able to monitor pay fees and fees will be collected in real-time, ensuring that there would be no room for error. Customized reports can be generated by the school fee management software and parents can be alerted when their children's fees are due.

Student Information System:

NLET's online school management software makes it possible for teachers and school administrators to access students' enrollment and personal information in a minute. Add student categories, modify topic information, add new students to batches and so on can all be done using the school software. All of this enables educational institutions to handle several batches and courses without any difficulty.

Online Examination Management:

The school management system will allow you to conduct online tests, monitor student progress, and personalise report cards. There won't be any needless costs or paper waste during the test because of the use of the school software. If you want to conduct objective and descriptive examinations, you can do it easily and quickly using this software. It makes the whole process digital, so there is no need to print report cards.


An assessment report will be generated by the NLET school result management system for each student. Using this module, teachers and parents alike will be better able to pinpoint the areas in which they need to improve, and this will benefit all.

Library Management System:


After the introduction of virtual libraries is one of the finest things that has ever occurred to humanity. Encourage all people to use the online library if it is available at your school. The library management software keeps track of each book that students have. This will allow you to better understand the preferences of your student and add additional books to the library depending on their preferences. The school software will also maintain a log of the books that are being searched for.

Inventory Management:

Using reliable school management software, you won't have to put in any extra work to maintain tabs on everything that happens in the school. It's possible to maintain track of the school's resources even from afar.


Human Resource Management:

There is no better way to handle your school's human resources department than by using this online school management software. As a result of the programme, you'll be able to manage every human resources-related procedure properly and efficiently. Within a few seconds, you'll be able to do duties such as time-off scheduling and payroll allocation as well as payslip creation.

Transport Management:

The software for school management will help you to track the movements of every student through a dedicated transport module. The GPS-enabled module helps the school admin to have access to the live location of students. This allows them to provide every student with added security so parents can know their ward’s location.

Benefits of School Management Software


In the last few years, various educational technologies have been introduced. Even more encouraging is the fact that educational technologies are developing in response to digitizing the overall running of the institutions.


Student attendance and learning materials can be easily accessible through school management systems that enable students to attend virtual courses. With the help of online school software, the epidemic has been unable to halt the progress of the kids. With the same ease with which kids used to communicate with their lecturers in person, they are now able to do it online.

Here are some of the benefits of using NLET's cloud-based school management software:

Simple Interface:

The ease of use of the NLET initiatives provides school ERP software with a major factor in its rising popularity. Students of all ages, teachers, and parents can easily use the school software. It doesn't matter whether you're a computer expert using the school software. It will become second nature to you after a few days of usage.

Tailored to your school needs:


The platform will customize for both the school and students (and their parents). Use the school database management system to handle students, examinations, fee collecting and human resources among other things. 


To conduct online lessons, communicate with students, and evaluate their progress using the software, teachers will be given access to the software. Students can use it for a variety of purposes, including attending courses, taking notes, and communicating with their peers anytime they choose. In addition, students would be able to use the school's virtual library at any time of the day or night.


Quick to learn 


No matter how little of a computer whiz you are, it shouldn't be difficult for you to pick up on the software's many capabilities and put them to good use. This characteristic of school management software makes it an ideal complement to educational institutions of all levels, from primary schools to colleges and universities.


Free Demo

Learning to use this cloud-based school management software is even easier due to the availability of a free demo. The demo will teach you about the software before you place your order. This means you’ll be investing only if you find the system useful. The free demo is detailed enough for you to begin using the school management system immediately after getting access to it.

Customer Support


If the free demo is not enough for you, you can connect to the company's representatives. Customer support is available to all of 's customers at any time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school software. You can raise the support ticket, so our experts that in conversation with you will quickly resolve your issues.


Multi-User Friendly: 

Many people can access the software at the same time. Because of this, you won't have to worry about the number of people who will be able to use the platform. The different users have different panels for the software.


Effective Communication:


School management software serves as a platform for connecting parents, teachers, students, and school administration. It simplifies the process of informing everyone about school activities and does not need an effort.


Higher Security: 


School management system software has a lot of sensitive data stored in its database. Information about students and teachers. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about the security of your personal information when you post it on the system. Using the most modern security measures, the school software ensures that all of your personal information is safe and secure and that no one else can access it.




Using a school management system will help teachers to concentrate only on their teaching abilities, allowing them to be more productive. It will be much easier to run educational institutions if they are totally digital. 


As a result of the use of management systems, educational institutions will need fewer employees. Efforts will be more efficient. We could save a lot of money on printing, electricity, paper, and other related costs. This will result in a significant reduction in yearly costs for institutions.

Cloud-based Software


All of the above-mention activities will be carried out online. NLET is a cloud-based school management solution because of this it can access from anywhere. Even in an age of social distance, schools are able to function smoothly because students and teachers can access the platform and all of the stored data from the comfort of their homes. 


Availability of Integrations:

The software for school management will make communication easier by allowing GPS, WhatsApp, biometric, email and SMS integration. Teachers, students, and the admin will get to exchange emails and messages between them without the need of opening any other application.

How to choose the Best School Management Software?


  • Examine and select a school management system that includes all of the features you've considered most important after evaluating a  variety of options.


  • Make sure there are no hidden fees for the software. Determine the total cost of owning the software by doing a comprehensive investigation.


  • Check out the software's demo version to get a feel for what it can do. Invest in the system only if the features are valuable to you.


  • You need to know your institution's unique challenges and distinguish between aspects that are essential and those that are only a 'good to have.




NLET, one of the most trusted school management systems of the current times, is designed to meet all of the demands of educational institutions. As a result, it can be used efficiently by all types of educational institutions, including universities, colleges, schools, vocational institutions, training institutions, and more.


It is the best school ERP software in India, which can be customizable to meet your institution's unique needs and wants. It can easily integrate with a variety of different platforms to simplify, streamline, and automate the many processes going on inside the institution.