Best School ERP Software in India

Posted by - Admin July 31,2021

Best School ERP Software

As the COVID-19 epidemic smacked the whole world, it led to rapid changes in a variety of industries, including education, which moved from a chalkboard approach to fully digital approaches. More than 1.2 billion students were forced to move from school to home.

In a pandemic situation, school management software proves as a saviour to educational institutions. NLET School ERP Software is the best ERP school in India which ensures that 'learning never stops in the COVID-19 environment with virtual lessons that are not only on one platform. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in an efficient and effective way. 

NLET school software offers extraordinary school management features to manage Fees, salary, leave, attendance, examinations, certificates, payroll, school app, etc. As per requirements of your school, you can choose what features suit your school management needs.

Why institutions use School ERP software:

  1. Access learning stuff at any time and from any location.

  1. Increase student and instructor productivity on a daily basis.

  1. Teacher workload has been reduced.

  1. Paperless system 

  1. Helps in making better decisions

  1. Enhancing the performance of school staff.

  1. Improved student engagement

  1. Connect multiple departments and campuses.

  1. Mobile App

In short, the school management system is an online solution to manage the many day to day activities of a school or college. In this scenario, NLET is the best school management software in India that has been built for schools to improve productivity, efficiency and administrative procedures across the school for students, teachers and schools.

Top School ERP Software Benefits

Before you choose a customized software for school management, you have to identify why your school or college requires it. How would that help? What troubles or inconveniences do you need to fix? Let’s discuss the benefits of NLET school ERP without wasting any time. For more, take a look at characteristics of school management software:

Provide Complete Automation

The overall system provides complete automation to all aspects of the school including students, employees, admissions, timetables, tests, fees, and management and many more. To make better decisions, the system provides administrators with the capability to access data anytime, anywhere. 

Learning Without Interruptions

Even if classroom learning was stopped in 2020, the teaching and learning process was able to continue because of the implementation of the school ERP software. Making the learning content available, school ERP enables students to download uploaded content from any corner of the globe at any time from the cloud. 

Cost-Effective Software

One of the most prominent benefits of ERP implementation in any sector, including educational institutions, is its cost-effectiveness. To reduce cost, the application eliminates manual processes involved in basic campus administration approaches such as registration, payroll, fee collecting, and others. 

Decrease Burden of Teacher

Additionally, the school ERP software cuts down on the teaching workload. School software enables students to do their work better, including grading tests and preparing report cards, taking attendance and managing leaves, Uploading learning content to online classroom management,  simplifying timetable management to managing discipline actions toward students. 

Parent-Teacher Communication 

The school software enables parents, teachers to stay connected without any hassle. From quickly transmitted notifications via emails to ensures effective learning of the student. The software for school makes communication straightforward, hassle-free and time-efficient.

Manage Multiple Institutes 

A multi-level ERP solution makes it possible to keep track of multiple institutes, with the ability to keep track of each branch's individual students, staff, and faculty. Additionally, the school's administration can use the app to monitor and evaluate class-wise activities from student and staff attendance, student development, and much more.

Complete Data Security 

For educational institutions, the data management system is at the heart of everything. Despite this, it is a boring chore to manually track these things so ERP solutions let institutions automate the procedure to maintain the documents and information. 

Data Management 

Educational institutions need to keep student records, textbooks, test schedules, lesson plans, and other various documents on hand. The school software solution includes the entire campus and all the branches into a single platform, making data management simple.

Above them, There are a lot more features and functionalities why schools needs school management software. 


NLET School ERP Software includes all you need to efficiently manage school activities. Our constantly-growing team works to ensure that your operations are smooth. The customer service team believes our users will be happy. So they are fixed as quickly as possible if you meet any bugs. 

NLET is the finest choice of users across the country and beyond and is a one-stop solution for management, teaching, communication and virtual learning. 

Are you managing a school & looking to transform it into an Automated School? Just give us a call at 91 8058848888 or contact us online to get started!