Choose Best School Management System for your institute

Posted by - Admin August 19,2021

School Management System

In the modern world, the need and use of school software have increased dramatically. This increased sphere has required the implementation of a comprehensive system capable of making all of the required duties simpler.

School Management System is a school ERP software that facilitates the running of all required activities in an institute without the need for extra effort. One platform makes it easier to keep an eye on all of the activity across the country or the globe, in separate branches. With this school software, institutions of all sizes may appropriately concentrate on growth and expansion without having to worry about anything else.

With the advanced features and functionalities. There are many reasons why NLET is the best school management software in India. It is cloud-based School Software that is used in many schools throughout the world. As we know buying software is so difficult because software purchases are more time-consuming than knowing vital aspects, many owners of schools are burdened by the decision to buy the software. Finally, they must switch to the one they believe will serve their school better.

Things to consider while choosing a School Management System:

The educational institute's school management software provides an integrated set of tools that automates the academic and administrative operations of the school. All functions, like registration of students, collection of fees, attendance monitoring, and student and staff records management, can be accomplished without much difficulty. 

The best school management system allows students, teachers, parents, administrators, principals, and managers to sign in with their accounts.

  • To better understand the complexity of the software, we must thoroughly evaluate it. 

  • You must research the capabilities of the software prior to purchasing it. 

  • Get the software that offers a one-stop solution for your school, also take care of the onboarding and training process.

  • Ensuring that your organization's stakeholders use the software to its full capability.

  • The software must ensure the data security of the school's students and employees.

  • Consider the needs of your institution and select a solution that suits all your specifications.


The requirements for each school's software are different. These are different factors that must be taken into consideration while selecting ERP software.

Why Choose NLET School Management System

Managing the institution is much easier using the school management system. NLET is the best school ERP software in India that was developed to integrate all of the campus management functions such as admissions, collection of fees, teaching, lesson planning, reporting, analysis, and many more.

Our personnel are among the most qualified and skilled in the school system, and are doing their best to deliver excellent services. After careful consideration, take a look at why you should choose NLET instead of other school software.

Better customer experience: 

To provide better customer support, NLET makes sure that all of the customers' concerns and suggestions are heard. With additional functions, the NLET school ERP system provides customer relationship management software(CRM) to meet customer needs. 

Quickly Setup:

NLET school lets you manage everything with no trouble and a simple process. You can quickly start using School Management Software within a few minutes. So you can get everything online and save time.

User Friendly: 

There are a number of school software available in the market. Our best software, which provides the greatest user-friendly experience for our users. It is basically designed with the modern-day school management process in mind.

Multi login access:

The school ERP software allows multiple users to use the school software based on their tasks, minimizing overburdening. The school's administrators, parents and teachers can manage their activities through just a single login.

Key Features of School Management System

1. Admission Management 

Carrying out the complete admission procedure online using NLET Software is quite easy. 

  • Managing the inquiries

  • Managing the student’s admission data


  • Reducing the long queues

  • Following up on inquiries

  • Tracking the inquiry phases

2. Attendance Management 

NLET Attendance Management Software includes the capability to track and manage the attendance of students and teachers.

  • Centralized platform to manage attendance 

  • Payroll Integration to manage staff payroll

  • Students & teachers can easily apply for leaves 

  • Comprehensive report 

  • Notify parents about absentee

3. Online Examination Management 

Scheduling and conducting exams has been made incredibly simple and easier with the NLET online examination system.

  • Automation in conducting exams

  • Instant student evaluation 

  • Easily analyze students performance

  • Notify parents about student’s results

  • Allowing different types of exams

4. Fee Management 

NLET is a one-stop solution to deal with financial matters. It is easy to collect and manage the fees that are collected from students.

  • Easily pay fees in just a single click

  • Real-time push notification

  • Allow you to customize the fee structure 

  • Automatic backup data

  • Generate comprehensive report

5. Timetable Management

The use of the Time Table management system in the education industry increases day by day. It reduces the administrative burden on schools by generating a school's daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timetables from inputs such as school attendance, students, and schedules.

  • Accurate time generation in just a click

  • Maximises the utilisation of time and resources.

  • Create timetable based on present teachers

  • Minimising teacher’s effort 

  • Easily customizable as per real-time 

Automate your School with NLET 

NLET School Management Software includes everything you will need to run and organise your school classes. Our growing team works tirelessly to ensure activities run smoothly on your end.

Its ability to handle all of the school's administrative needs, teaching, communication, and distance learning makes it the ideal choice for people all around the country and beyond.

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