Why NLET is the best School Management Software in India?

Posted by - Admin July 07,2021

best school management software in india

A school ERP software is a comprehensive school management solution. Cloud-based School Management Software is a platform that allows you to manage all your daily school operations hassle-free. The software combines a number of modules into a single system, allowing users to handle lengthy processes such as admissions, fees, campus recruiting, account administration, staff management, transportation management, and many more from a single location.. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, every school in the country needs to make the most of technology. Integration of an easy-to-use Online School Management System to let you schedule, manage and monitor all your school operations more quickly and effectively. While there are many school ERP system available in the market, with 60+ excellent modules, NLET stands out as the best School Management Software in India.  

It’s essential for every school to have school management software to automate and streamline the running of the school while increasing efficiency. If you're still confused if you need a school management system, let’s discuss reasons why does the School ERP System need to be adopted by the principal.

NLET - Everything that your School ever needs

Stay connected and updated with your school at any time, anywhere.

NLET School ERP System eliminating the possibility of any error. With 60+ excellent modules, it helps you to streamline and automates all the processes much quicker with high accuracy. It simplifies the daily activities of teachers so that they can concentrate more on delivering the lecture.

We have developed an all-in-one solution for automating and streamlining the running of a school's operations such as students, staff, admissions, classrooms, hostel, inventory, library, transportation management, and so on. There are many benefits of School Management Software that will make you think twice which meets all of the requirements and needs of schools, parents, and administration while also ensuring an efficient system.

Why choose NLET School ERP?

Cloud-enabled and easy to use NLET School Management System was developed by partnering closely with hundreds of educational institution stakeholders to handle critical issues they’re facing. It is a paperless solution to streamlining your day-to-day academic and administrative operation from a single platform.

With thousands of users worldwide, NLET provides multiple school management system which enhances the productivity of all staff. With the aid of integration, it increases the functionality and capability of the school management system. Apart from this it also comes up with an Institute Mobile App.

Top School Management Software Features

  • Simple to Use

  • Paperless and eco-friendly

  • Save time and efforts

  • Reduce the communication gap

  • Data security and backup services are available.

  • Increase the safety of students

  • Customizable and affordable

  • Mobile App

  • Support for Multiple Institutions

  • API support and integration

  • Available in a range of languages

  • Cloud Hosting 


Benefits of School Management Software 

1. For Administration

The school management software is an all-in-one solution that digitizes and streamlines the entire activities of the School. With the aid of Integration, it digitizes the daily chores of the institute and helps the administrator, students, parents, and teachers to tackle their activities. 

To successfully perform their administrative tasks, they need systematic and robust software, that is where NLET has proven to be a saviour since it can handle everything from one location. 

Have a look at some of the advantages for administrative:

  • Saves a lot of time and effort with an automatic admission system.

  • RFID automated attendance.

  • Overview of overall daily operations from the dashboard.

  • Create, manage, and update reports year-wise, department wise or class wise. 

  • Keep track of staff activities and student performance.

  • Keep tabs on your financial activities.

  • Effectively communicate with staff, students or parents. 

  • Anytime & Anywhere data accessibility.

These are some of the benefits of school ERP software, any school can have better management with the NLET School Management Software 

2. For Teachers 

NLET School ERP System eliminating the possibility of any error. With 60+ excellent modules, it helps you to perform all the processes much effectively and saves a lot of time and effort with high accuracy 

Here are some of the advantages of NLET School ERP to teachers:

  • Automated student attendance

  • Effortlessly manage student marks and grades

  • Create Timetable in just a click

  • Availability of more time for student learning

  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents

  • Access to own and student's attendance

  • Easily manage every school-related activity

  • Access analytical and graphical reports of student

  • E-mail & internal messaging system

With these benefits, teachers can save their effects so that they can concentrate more on delivering the lecture.

3. For Students

NLET School ERP helps to bring schools into the digital world while also making things easier for the students. It keeps the students engaged, enhances learning, and supports the school to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Take a look closer for advantages to students are:

  • Anytime & Anywhere Learning

  • Learning more fun with digitization

  • Better Learning Solution

  • Self-Performance Analysis

  • Data Security & Availability

  • Hassle-free access to Attendance and Timetable 

  • Availability of Resources

  • Enhance group discussion ability

4. For Parents

School ERP is a one-stop destination for parents to access their children's information, reporting, notifications and more in one easy-to-use NLET school ERP system.

Here are some of the benefits of NLET School ERP to parents:

  • Online Fee Submission

  • Daily attendance update of the child

  • eLearning Platform

  • Classwork/Homework Management

  • Automated Leave Approval

  • Bridge the Communication Gap 

  • Stay updated with upcoming events, and holidays

Let us digitize your School with the Best School Management Software

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The NLET School Management System is much more than software. It's an excellent approach to run the school systematically. It automates all of your to-do tasks and allowing administration, teachers, students to communicate and collaborate virtually from anywhere in the world

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